Finishing touches on my Halloween music

The last part in a three-part topic.

In part 1, I asked how to start off my Halloween music. Then, when I got the gist of it I went to Cool Creations to get some feedback on what I currently had. Now, I’m gonna put some final touches on it and put it in my game!

Someone told me that they don’t like the cutoffs between the “parts” of the song. I do not know how to fix this.

This is not a feedback topic. I want some ideas on how to make this a masterpiece.

EDIT: At some parts, I’ll need to change the notes in the bass as it goes into a different key in the melody.


Wow! Really nice. I like it a lot!

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Wow. Your a great composer. If the song was longer it would be great for a game.


I think maybe having a fade instead of an abrupt cutoff would be better?


Does this seem to do like what you were looking for?

Note: I will be changing the key in the bass when the key in the melody changes as it sounds weird.

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Actually, that’s quite nice! I quite like that, I think that less space in between is good :slight_smile:

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Now I need to know what key it goes into. Like at the part where it starts getting louder. I have no idea what key it is in. The root key is D minor.

I think it’s supposed to be in G minor, idk.

I may have made it worse, but I still want your feedback on it. I’ll add maybe some percussion.

I hear a part get louder, so my idea was to make the music louder at the beginning or quieter at the end.

Could you explain more please?

At 19 seconds, the audio gets louder. It would sound better if it stayed the same and the volume didn’t go up, since this is a loop. It could get annoying with the volume going up, and going down.

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Do you like the drums? Should I make it longer still? Please let me know!

Should I use this as the final product?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m gonna be honest it doesn’t sound like a Halloween song to me. It sounds Mediterranean. Still sounds good though!