Halloween themed music for my game

This is some music I made for my game. Since Halloween is coming, it was Halloween themed. Spooky and scary :eyes:

How do you like it? I know the rhythm is quite repetitive, but I also want to know about the length. Should I add more to it? Thanks for your feedback!


I would add some sound effects but apart from that, sounds great!

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It’s really good! However, I think when you will loop it will sound a bit weird, since 0:35-0:37 have no sound and I don’t think it will do a good transition with the start when it will play again.

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I do like the melody, however I really have a problem with the cutting off of notes. As a composer, I know why you need it to end at that time, but as a musician in general, it sounds bad to cut the note off that abruptly. I think it’s the synth that comes in on the second time, not the piano :slight_smile:

As in the part where it gets louder?

Yes, I do believe that’s where it is. It’s the 2nd instrument you add in. It’s like the initial instrument and then the 2nd one is the one that I think has weird cutoffs

This music sounds like it could be used in a cutscene or a room in a haunted house. Keep up the good work!

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