Fire spread virus in the game(EDITED)

Hello everyone. Today I found this virus in my friends game:

It’s kind of spreading and doing the fps down to 10.
I have tested many ways of finding virus: I was typing “Fire” and “Spread” in explorer, typing getfenv and getinv in find in scripts, also tried typing require. What else I can do to find the virus?


Hey there!

I’d suggest you searching for Script as well in the explorer and check ones that you have added since this issue is happening. It is also great if you are using free models to check the whole model if it isn’t containing something malcious.

I hope I helped!
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How about searching “Script” and find the virus?

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I already did, didn’t help. I checked all of the scripts manually.

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Search for ‘Fire’
If nothing comes up, search for ‘require’. If the require isn’t something you know remove it.

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Also tried typing “Fire”, nothing shows up.

It could be a plugin that your friend has??

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Its always the free models that has the virus in them lol.
Hezký den


Well. He doesn’t have any plugin installed and used before in game.

Could you type script in explorer tab or did you you already??

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I bet it’s hided in free models that he used.

I did type it in explorer. I will check scripts manually over and over.

What is the output when the game starts?

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Nothing there, just checked it.

Maybe the admin he has it might be fake.

A plugin can run without be enabled like with a button so maybe this is that

Maybe the virus is obstructed so you can’t find it with search in script

I will propose my plugin, but i am not sure this will help you in your case

I’d try searching for or scripts you do not recognize. Check any plugins, deny script injection and make sure you have the official version of everything. You can also check in the developer console, under Scripts you can see which script is currently being executed. Might be really hard to catch tho. To help with your search, try switching to server mode and see if the fire is still there. If not, it’s a LocalScript causing it.

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I agree, the admin is kinda suspicious. But I checked it, it’s okay.

Do you check the require of the admin ? The content of the module

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You might want to remove the admin temporarily and see if the virus is still there.

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