First Dropdown Under properties window has a buggy clickable area

Date First Experienced: 11/14/23
Date Last Experienced 11/24/23 (Present)

Reproduction Steps;
Open Properties Window,
Select object,
Attempt opening/closing dropdown of the first dropdown in the list of properties (eg appearance of data tab)

Heres a video detailing the issue;

Expected Behaviour:
As explained in the video, I expect to be able to open the dropdown via clicking anywhere on the panel like the rest of the dropdowns.


This has already been reported 3 times. Remember to check if a report for your bug already exists before filing one yourself.

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  2. Impossible to reopen "Appearance" from Properties
  3. I can't open the Appearance Dropdown

Temporary workaround:

Also, just checked on all the 3 reports I listed and the very first one was filed on August 9th, over 3 months ago, so it’s quite ridiculous that this hasn’t been fixed yet.


I am aware of these other 3 times, but they clearly either forgot or just can’t be bothered, so its best to remind them of this issue.

Also please be constructive and don’t be a “mini mod”.

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Making a new report on a bug that already has already been reported 3 times isn’t going to expedite the fix at all… you should instead be bumping the reports that already exist and pinging engineers if it’s a seriously major issue (which it isn’t). If they haven’t responded to the first, second or third report, there’s a reason for this and all you can do is @ them to check what’s up. All this duplicate report does is clog up the system and makes it harder for engineers to address other, more prominent bugs that they aren’t aware of. Your post will end up being closed once it’s addressed either by a forum moderator or someone on the bug reports team.