First gfx and a question

Hello, I recently tried to do gfx and heres my first one

can someone tell me how to do better and can someone answer my question: what things to use to get better lighting. I know its not very good but i hope to improve in the future:)

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I think this GFX guide I made may help you.

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What 3d software did you use to make that? Also I think the lighting is pretty decent but just boring. (which depends on the scene but in this case you have none) The pose also looks a bit robotic and I’d suggest spreading out the legs as well as the arms to get a more natural pose. I think tilting/rotating the camera a bit also improves it massively. Theres also shading issues on the head which is pretty easy to fix (add a subsurf or switch to cycles) also if you want some tips on lighting, I’d suggest using an hdri to get some interesting reflections on your avatar or getting a backdrop (or tree) and put it behind the camera to cast shadows but anything else good job!

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blender, the best free modeling, rigging tool, animating software out there

Hello, I believe this should be in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support, as you are asking for feedback

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This is in the wrong topic please use #help-and-feedback

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Actually that’s also the wrong topic, it should be in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations since it’s a showcase and asking for feedback

It’s a start but the posing is stiff as heck. The background is bland - use 3d scenes instead of a solid colour. Use SkyTextures, Emission planes, Photoshop lighting, Environment textures etc to get better lighting, search up tutorials on each. If you’re not using cycles render, you should do so.

It doesn’t look very natural, the lighting is kind of boring. I would make the background dark and have a lamp or something pointing at the Character. Work on lighting and more natural positions.

i tried to make it a little bit better, what do u think