First low poly build, how is it?

This is my first low poly and second low poly build I have made. FIRST:


It’s very low detailed, try adding some bricks…

Thanks. What do you mean by “bricks”?

I wouldn’t really call that lowpoly, it just looks unfinished.

And this is what @Smogy_Developer meant by bricks.


I guess I might stop building, haha.

That’s not the right attitude towards it, you just gotta find places to improve and spend time in it. There are plenty of really good sources out there that could help you get started or lead you in the right direction.

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Yes, but I am trying to get taught but nobody seems to help me out… And I don’t even know how to use blender…

Don’t stop building, feedback is a must if you want to become a better builder.


There’s always tutorials on youtube on how to start using blender! Blender is very simple, and takes a bit of time to learn. Give it a try.

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I have but, I still do not understand it…

I’d recommend watching this playlist here. It’s a complete beginners guide to using blender.

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When I first started using blender, I usually spent a couple of hours trying to make anything I possibly could, whether it was a simple tree or a weapon, I tried my best to make anything I could.

When I finished, I would usually look up tutorials on how to make the said object, and would try again. Remember though, feedback is key to improving. I wish you the best on everything!


Blender is impossible, if your on windows maybe try using paint 3D, you will have to go into blender to quickly sort out the normals to lower the poly count (there is a limit of 10,000)
Edit: Meshing with Paint 3D

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Blender is not impossible… The triangle count is limited to 10,000 for a reason. It’s to prevent lag and whatnot. Anything can be modeled using Blender, including wider scale models such as cars for example. If you know what you’re doing, you can avoid ROBLOX’s triangle count.

Plus, I highly doubt you’re going to exceed the triangle count just by creating low-poly assets.

The building looks quite rushed and simple for a low poly build and it lacks shape. The windows placed all over it looks out of place it’s also too small, consider adding other shapes at the moment i can’t really tell what you’ve built store, shop?

You have a lack of shaping the building and the roof too. You could add some extra details or decorations. Maybe a door somewhere in the building and remove some of the windows, It looks quite rushed I’ll recommend taking time to get the right look. Add bricks around the building, shapes or try experimenting with different colors.

That’s the whole point of asking for constructive feedback on your builds you take this into account and try some of their suggestions on your build and that’s how you’ll improve don’t just give up because someone said it isn’t low poly. Create, to the best of your ability, a detailed house or table. You practice and learn. I would advise checking out some tutorials or resources like what has been suggested above. Put the time in: Don’t rush through the tutorials.

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For second, one the windoes are not that good it is not blending in. And i do agree with Somgy_Developer, it is not very detailed.

It is my first try… (30 characters))

It does lack some detail, but it is your first try so that’s all right.

When learning a new style, or building anything in general, it’s nice to use reference images so you can learn from people who are already skilled in that area.

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I’ve moved this to Cool Creations, which is the place to get feedback on your creations. :slight_smile:

P.S. You can paste images directly into the editor which will make them embed instead of requiring people to click the link.

Firstly, they are not bad builds. First one needs a roof and the second needs the window glaze to be reduced. Secondly, you do not have to know blender to be a builder. I can give you advice/tips/help on building if you want, DM me for disc.

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