First Showcase Help

Hello! I’ve recently taken a hiatus, and have returned and finally decided to create my first Studio showcase. It’s actually what I was first interested in when I took up building, but after 9-10 months of building in Studio and learning Blender, I finally have enough (I know there’s always more to learn) knowledge to actually create what I imagined nearly a year ago.

I am 100% fine with taking my time, as I want this to truly demonstrate my skills and techniques I’ve picked up along the way.

So, with that in mind, I’ve been trying out many new things, mainly, the FUTURE lighting system. (It looks phenomenal!) I’d like to see what building tips anyone could provide for a showcase build. I don’t want my showcase to necessarily look like gold, but I want it to not be clogged up and to be accessible to most people. I won’t be utilizing many particle effects, and do play on having a handful of moving parts. Mainly, slow spinning siren lights. (Think of, those red alarm lights that spin)

Any general advice or tips would be super helpful!

Thank you!

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Do you have anything built so we can help you from there?


I’ve love to see some work via screenshot so I can give some tips!

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I do, yes, but it’s very very rough. I planned on starting with the main core structure, than adding in detail by hand. The reference I am using, is “Hadley’s Hope”, from the movies “Alien” and “Aliens”. These pictures are not current, as my unions corrupted, and I had to remake, and I found out that one angle was off, etc etc, and I had to remake the initial segment that I was cloning from. I have around 240 individual lights, in the handrails, and at my current rate, I would end up with nearly 400. The effect/reflection/ambience they provide is amazing, when coupled with the FUTURE lighting, but I am afraid they might be the source of immense lag.


The last picture is one of the references; I’m not trying to 100% duplicate; just mimic the overall feel. Also, I know my current build doesn’t match my blueprint; the way I built this was, I “pre assembled” one hallway chunk, and made it so I could duplicate and place it, one after another. So, adding or taking any chunks away is immensely easy.


Woah! the screenshots are amazing! In my opinion, try fill the walls and ceilings with designs and signs.

Thank you; yeah, I was primarily focusing on getting the main “structure” in place, to see how it would all fit together. I’m fairly certain that I am abandoning it, to be honest. I’m going to use a different design.

It’s fairly good. I would restart and go into more detail:

I recommend using many more materials and adding in more of those intricate little details shown in the concept photo. Don’t attempt a low poly style with this one, it just doesn’t work well in this case.

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