First Thumbnail!

Hey there!

I began GFX designing around a week ago and already made smaller stuff (Avatar Render // Second Try - #13 by OfficiallySpooky, (FEEDBACK) First Avatar Render) and now finally accomplished my first thumbnail. I’d love to hear your feedback!


It looks great. Its just recommend maybe making it a little bit brighter


Looks great, but should probably lower the Clearcoat and rather turn up the specular to give a shine on the body if you are looking for that.

Otherwise try practicing more and more and eventually you’ll become a lot better. Keep it up and Good luck in your future work! :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks good. Not sure what the red stuff is (blood?) and the white thing where the mag is. Gun looks like its being held incorrectly. Personally, I would turn the head or make this GFX look better by him peeking the wall. Good work


Thank you for your criticism. The small red areas on the character’s body just popped up when I rendered it.


That is very nice! Could you tell me what software you used?

I am using RobloxStudio to prepare the textures and to import the props later on, then I use Blender to pose the character, lightning it and render it, and then I use Photopea for editing the background, pushing up the quality and watermarking.

Ah, ok. 30chars

I think it needs to be a bit more bright and add some more contrast.

I think you should have a game title over it, and also up the brightness as others have already stated.

It’s a bit dark but it looks nice overall