First time made a logo

I made a logo for my game Feedback | New Update or Feedback!

Anyways here is the logo that I made by Paint Net ( Ignore the white bugs it will be gone)


It looks good the way it is. I would make the egg more whitish, it would look more like a real egg, or you could keep the icon as a brown egg. You did a real great job on managing this piece of art.

I like it to make it better you could put the title of you game in the egg


I bought this from shutterstock so yeah

I think the resolution is low, it will look better if it had higher resolution. Other than that maybe a bit thicker egg outline would look nicer

As I said I didnt made this I bought from a stock

I like @jess_1129’s idea of putting the title of your game on the egg. If this is a reward/powerup/item for your game, maybe put the name of the reward/powerup/item below the egg (Example: 100 Free Eggs!) Other then that, nice job and keep up the good work @keo164!

I Tried to put the text but it stayed a bit off to the egg so I did not put

Okay, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Put text definitely. Other than that maybe add some details in the background like stuff related to eggs or something.