Fishing Simulator Remaster


Hey there,

As most of you know, Fishing Simulator has been slowly dying due to lack of updates. There hasn’t been much communication from us either. From the surface, it may seem like we decided to give up on the game.

However, I am here to tell you that that is not the case! We’ve been working on some MAJOR improvements to the game.

The Remaster Update

The Remaster is a huge update that we’re working on to fix some major problems in the game such as:

  • Economy inflation
  • Impossible to complete fish index
  • All previous islands becoming useless after you unlock a new island

This is how we will solve these problems…

Changes To Fish Prices

Rather than the fish prices being higher at every island you unlock, the prices of each fish will be more balanced across all of the islands. This means that one island won’t be necessarily “better” than another one. All islands will be important to you as a player.

The level requirements to unlock each island are also going to be significantly decreased. This will allow new players to gain access to all islands relatively quickly, without instantly having access to everything from the start.

New & Improved Fish Index

You may now kiss goodbye to the “collect every possible combination of fish for 10,000 gems” index. We are going to bring you a new and much better version of the fishing index!

First and foremost, we are going to make it actually POSSIBLE to collect all of the variations of fish in the game. Secondly, rather than having a single reward for collecting all of the fish, there is going to be a reward per island. You will receive a very special reward every time you complete the index requirements for each island.

Special Fishing Areas & New/Improved Puzzles

Currently, each island has some sort of puzzle or quest that you complete once and gain access to a special fishing area forever. We’re going to change how that works.

Instead of running through a puzzle/quest once to open a special area, players will be able to work together (or alone) to open the special area to the entire server for a limited amount of time. After the time runs out, players will need to complete the puzzle again in order to open the special fishing area.

Each island is also going to have either an improved or completely new special fishing area and puzzle/quest that will unlock it!

Release Date

The exact date has not been confirmed yet. We estimate that it will be released in mid 2021. Stay tuned!

Update: An update on the Fishing Simulator Remaster

Final thoughts

The Remaster is only the beginning of many more huge updates that will be coming to Fishing Simulator. We’ve got lots of exciting improvements and features planned to make this game reach it’s full potential! We hope that this game will keep bringing you the excitement and enjoyment that it has so far. :slight_smile: