Fix animation not importing from blender

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Be able to import animation from blender to roblox using blender exporter/ animation importer

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    When I use the export animation option in the blender plugin then apply into the same roblox rig, the rig does not move and becomes unable to edit in normal roblox animator plugin even though the keyframe data for the individual parts is present.
    This is an example of my animation setup in blender and in roblox:

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I tried to export to roblox as is then import to the rig from roblox, recreate the rig using nodes instead of connections, move the rig into an empty place i made for my animations and checked if the plugin had script injection permission.

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There is already a tutorial on Youtube for this, which helped me export FBX anims.

When I tried this method, only the lower torso keyframes where imported into roblox studio and all parts were still not moving.

(edit: i tried FBX animation before without changing any setting while exporting from blender and it did import all the parts but gave me same problem)

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This is correct fix for animations using the correct fbx options.

Hi, it seems like the tutorial you looked at might be a fix for ur issue but its mostly for Meshdeform Animations.

The issue you having is the one with the Blender Rig exporter/Importer Plugin it seems like you didn’t select the dummy when you pressed import. Make sure to have the dummy always selected when you import animations w the plugin

There is no difference whether I select it. The animation freezes the rig and It can’t be moved in editor. This is probably a problem with the rig rebuild because I always have to parent the mesh parts to the armature bones before I can start animating.

Correct fix with blender exporter/ animation importer

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