Fix for a mysterious prompt purchase EXPLOIT in my game

Some dummy i think exploited in my game, and when i enter the game a prompt purchase comes up for a furry shirt purchase that… well i didn’t put there. and now i don’t know how to get rid of it for my players. I tried updating the game but that didnt work. Any ideas?

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you could try reverting it back to the last update made

Try looking for malicious scripts that may have been inserted into your game from free models or plugins. I don’t think an exploiter would be able to do this in real time unless you have some faulty remotes set up.

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I’m only using aero game framework so all remotes are created when the game is started

I also havent used any free models

You could scan your scripts with Ctrl-Shift-F for the MarketplaceService:PromptPurchase() function. They wouldn’t be able to bring up that purchase menu without this function.

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I recommend reverting it back to before the exploiter messed your game up

what you can do is in the configure game place go to Version History and revert it back to before the exploiter messed your stuff up

I just tried that. And it didn’t work. It was fine earlier today. Some point between like 6:00 est and now it happened

I also tried testing it in a test server. and the prompt didnt come up

Its a 1 player game main menu game.

:thinking: Thats odd, and it repeatedly did this when you got into the game?

Use V2.1 - Plugin: Hidden Backdoor/Infection Script Detector (Detects/Removes infections from malicious plugins) to scan for backdoors

Thank You, yeah it repeatedly did it. I found two scripts in japaneese in my game. I have no idea how they got there they were in obscure blocks. It removed the prompt purchase. But, i have no idea how they saved it into the game. Anyone know?

Just kidding… its back -_- I DONT KNOW HOW OR WHY PEOPLE ARE DOING THIS!!!

Once again, check your plugins. Can you post a screenshot of them here? You may have installed a fake copy of a legit plugin without knowing.

I haven’t installed any plugins lately so, idk why it would do it now.

Could you show us the page with the creators? The plugins likely look identical and have the same functionality, but we can tell them apart by checking their creator. Clicking this button in the plugins tab will take you there.