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About Me, Flamindy!

Hey there! My name is Flamindy, or you can call me Jack. Anyways, I am one of the many users on this platform and one of the many developers here. I work mainly with Graphic Design, UI, and some building. Any genre works for me, but I enjoy working in the “combative” field if that makes sense. I am a 17-year-old developer and feel that I am a pretty friendly person. If you wish to commission me, my DMs are always open.

Graphic Design

Hey there, thanks for checking out my graphic designs, I have put them in the little arrow for you to click and check them out. I use a blender rig(with blender of course) and paint.ne/t(remove the /).

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If you don’t really have the funds to pay for a graphic, I sometimes provide renders here:
Roblox Renders | Free to use


My skills are based on request, but these are the approximate/starting price for all graphics.

  • Thumbnails: 1300-1500 Robux / $10 USD
  • Game/Group Logos: 800-1000 Robux / $10 USD
  • Advertisements: 500-800 Robux / $6 USD
    Bundles are offered, always changing


  • Discord: jacky#0001
  • Twitter: @FlamindyGFX
  • Roblox messages or DevForum work as well

I do appreciate you taking the time to view the skills I have to offer. If you have any questions, please do ask!


Great work, keep it up it looks great)
I am a music artist, and just looking at some artists :wink:


Very nice work, I will consider you for any further GFX requests I have!


How are the prices for a custom thumbnail?