Flash the Roblox program icon for in-game notifications

As an example you may notice that on other websites their icons will flash orange when there’s a notification. image

It would be very useful to have this as an option as a visual cue for players who are tabbed out while awaiting the next game session.

game:GetService(serviceName):Notify(player) --turns the Roblox icon orange as a notification.

or something along those lines.

A lot of messaging based services put this into use in their own apps, but Rocket League does a great job at this in my opinion. They flash their icon when a game is queued up, once players are teleported on the field for kickoff, and upon completion of replays.

Edit 1: added player argument


There should be some limits to avoid notification spam. First of all, there should obviously be a rate limit. Next, only universes the player visited should be able to notify them. Finally, players should be able to block notifications from individual universes.

The method you proposed would notify all players in a server instead of just one. Also, only players that are in the server will receive it, when the main practical use is for delayed rewards. The method should have 2 arguments, with the first one being the player’s Id and the second one being a message (with a character limit).

This is a really cool idea though. I’m working on a survival game with persistent servers and base building. Would be cool if I could add proximity sensor components to notify owners in case of a breach.

The problem with this request is that it’s a Windows specific feature. Part of Roblox’s approach to platform development is that every user should have the same experience no matter what device they’re on.

It’s very unlikely Roblox will implement a feature that ONLY works on Windows. As well as that, Roblox are very cautious of giving users access to any of the backend C APIs. The only example I can think of is the DockWidget which creates a QtWidget that Roblox Gui elements can then be placed in.

Thanks for the explanation, I understand this approach. More particularly, not giving access to backend stuff as I can see where that could cause problems.

With the first part, Roblox’s goal should be to make the experience as best as possible regardless of platform. Similarly to how I can’t have the same VR experience as someone who owns a VR simply because it’s a different device with different capabilities. So, with that info, I’d have to respectfully disagree with Roblox’s viewpoint on this.

That is not true. Take the PlayerList for example. It literally doesn’t exist on phones, which is very annoying for some games. Another example is Xbox not having chat. Roblox is very similar on most platforms, but there a few differences.

The feature request is literally just asking for the ability to make the icon turn orange. I don’t think other devices not having it is that big of a deal, although it could be nice to have for Windows users.