Flight Gate Status

Since I am making a flying & driving game I decided to make this

It always updates because I am using os.time because it displays the time in the provided timezone that your pc/laptop was registered in.
My Timezone is ETC.


That’s brilliant lol. I’d just like to say that you could maybe change the layout slightly to replicate a sign not clearly. Apart from that it’s terrific!
Here’s a photo of what I mean:
But really add all the bits you need.

That looks really cool! I only have two comments:

  1. Consider not using JetBlue’s logo. That could end up causing some IP issues. One idea would be to create a parody of some sort like these.

  2. The space in the top right of the display feels empty. Consider adding the airport codes like this:

I just found a free decal of it in the toolbox so I used it.

And thanks for the Tip.