Float certain groups to top of group list, or re-order group list

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find the groups I care about.

On Groups - Roblox, this list beside the sidebar is sorted alphabetically after your primary group, but I usually visit a couple of groups regularly, not just my primary group. Some of my groups are afterthoughts, and some I visit regularly, however they’re all mixed together due to the alphabetical sort which can make it hard to find the ones I’m looking for. This would be even harder for people with more groups than me.


I want to be able to re-order this list in whatever way is convenient to me, or float certain groups to the top of the list (e.g. let people favorite groups, split the group list into three sublists: primary / favorites / others).

Now that users can join up to 100 groups without restriction, this list is likely to become unmanageable for many more users. It’s important that people can organize this list so they can find the groups they’re frequently visiting.


As much as I do love the alphabetical sort for group, I’d love to see a different option for sorting. Most of my groups start with the letters that are at the end of the alphabet and I usually have to juggle set each as a primary groups if I need quick access to either at the moment.


Groups now ordered by Primary -> Owned -> Other R E L E V A N T


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