Floopcity - Public Beta Announcement

Floopcity Enters Free Public Beta

At 5/8 PM PST/EST on Feb. 16, 2018, Floopcity enters a free public beta for PC and Mobile devices!

Floopcity, a social game geared towards kids of all ages offers a creative twist on the genre – combining a vast world filled with fun hangout spots and activities with a simple click-to-move and locked-camera system. Players can battle the seven seas, shoot fireworks out of the sky and more as they explore a universe full of excitement with friends!

Players can talk with friends from different servers using a global chat system while fishing in the hub or dance the night away at Club LaBlox. They can also earn coins by fishing, visiting the carnival and playing various mini-games. With these coins, players can unlock cool new items like clothing accessories to customize their character. They can also buy furniture pieces to design their own room and share it with others; the possibilities are endless!

Alongside the online release is the launch of a first-of-its-kind iOS companion app. Players will receive an exclusive in-game item when they first use the app, safely chat with friends who are in-game or, using the app, explore the catalog and more!

What are you waiting for? See the game here!

About the Creators
Floopcity is developed by veteran Roblox users polarpanda16 and cowbear16. Since joining the Roblox community in 2008, we’ve strived to provide the best experiences for players in and out of the game – cultivating in Floopcity’s development and release. Join our official group on Roblox or follow us on Twitter @polarpanda16 and @cowbear16.


This sounds… familiar…


Kinda… hard to play…?

We are launching on Friday! :slight_smile:

Pre-mature post??

It literally says play now in the OP :confused: Doesn’t mention anything about that.

My apologies, the OP has been updated.

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No problem! Just was a bit confused :stuck_out_tongue:

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Quick note, you should move this to #development-discussion:cool-creations to draw more attention. :wink:


Will do, thanks!

To be honest I initially cringed when I saw the first twitter post about it awhile back, since it looked like a desperate attempt to copy meep city. But after following you guys for awhile and some re-evaluation it seems like you guys put a lot of work and effort into this and made some pretty original ideas. :slight_smile: So good work


The game honestly looks dope so far, one thing I do want to point out that you must work on your lighting!!!

something so simple can add a lot of feel to the game! Please tell me you guys have music too :slight_smile:


Thank you @tyridge77!

We’re going to take another look at our lighting @Maxx_J! Maybe we’ll go for a black-and-white silent movie feel. Kidding, the game has audio! :slight_smile:

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I don’t see what you are talking about. Fishing in the central hub is not like MeepCity at all… https://twitter.com/polarpanda16/status/948639853872386049

Also do work on trying to make the game as vibrant in terms of color variation (not saturation) as possible. It’ll help with the game’s feel.

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I’m asking this knowing nothing about your game: For a mobile user, why would they play Floopcity over Meepcity?

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Great question!

While our game appears very similar at the surface, the gameplay feels very different - with similarities existing due to us being in the same genre.

But, if we did have to give you a reason why you should play our game over another:

Our game focused on integrating the ability to play with friends at every corner and customize your experience from the ground up - be it clothes, your room, etc. As we did this, we relied on tap-to-move mechanics from a fixed camera perspective, which allows us to optimize the game experience across all devices without a loss of gameplay or experience.

There’s no camera panning, button mashing, etc. If you really wanted to, you could play it with one hand.

Hope this is what you were looking for!



You have bumped a 2 year old thread, this game is probably discontinued.