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LR Application Help

LR Application Help

Please choose the dropdown of which role you are applying for, this guide will go over the basics of what role performs their own tasks.

  • Do not do other peoples jobs, Chef’s: Prepare food in the kitchen and run the bar. Waiter: Serves food and takes care of customers.
  • Please remember to utilize grammar and punctuation as this is a crucial element of your role here at Fluffy Burger.
  • Professionalism is the key to success: you must maintain professionalism throughout all Fluffy Burger group places.

As a Waiter, it is your duty to seat customers at a table as well as serving them food.
When a customer comes up to you at the podium, you will welcome them to Fluffy Burger with a greeting.
An example of a greeting could be, “Greetings, welcome to Fluffy Burger! My name is [USERNAME], how many people are in your party today? (How many wish to be seated.)”
You will then ask the customer if they would like to sit Downstairs, Bar, Premium Lounge, Roof (Gamepass).
After that, you will bring them to a table and give them a menu by using the menu giver and clicking their torso.

Ask them if they would like a drink to start with in which you can get whilst they decide on their starter. Example: “Are there any drinks that you would be interested in?”
To make a tea or coffee, simply use the machine and kettle right beside the mugs.
You are required to order drinks with the tills and the customer must always get a receipt!
If they want a cold drink, they must be filled up with a blue cup with the red drinks machines.
Cups are also found near the hot drinks machine where coffee, tea, and hot chocolate is found.

You would then return to the customer and give them their drink(s).
Now ask them if they are ready for a starter. Example: “Have you contemplated what you might like to order for your starter?”
Take their order and enter the food they desire via the computer as iPads are for Lead Waiter+.
Once done, click complete order and enter their table number.
Give the customer the receipt.
Head to the kitchen and wait for the food.
Once the food is done, click the dish and head to the table. Click it to place the dish.
You are able to place the dish anywhere on the table (In the main restaurant), placing anywhere other than a table will result in a punishment.
Once they are done with the food hover over the plate, then right click to remove it.
When waiting for your customer to finish their meal, either wait by the nearest till or if your customer is close to the order window position yourself there and help take any food to other tables.
After that, you would continue asking if they are ready to order their main course then desert.
Once you have given them all their food, you may conclude your service and ask them if they are satisfied with their meal at Fluffy Burger.

In the event that you do come across a troller, make sure to instantly get in touch with a HR so they can be banned.


As a Chef, it is your duty to prepare food for your fellow colleagues (Waiters) to serve to customers.
You are also responsible for running the bar but only when a customer is present, you will take their orders and serve them drinks.
I will now inform you on how the kitchen runs and important things that you need to know in order to become a Chef.

Once you are in the kitchen, you must click the chef hat on the LEFT side of your screen in order for you to begin preparing meals.
On the worktop, there is a printer that will send orders straight through to you. You simply click on the receipt to collect. You will find the receipt at the top of your screen, often underneath the chatbox.
You must line up at this printer and do not cut in line.
You are only to prepare one order at a time on your own.
When cooking food, you will need the recipe guide in which can be found in the handbook located in the game description.

To make a meal, you need to select all the ingredients that are required. These will appear in your red bar.
You will click all of them which will then combine to create your desired meal. All you have to do then is simply insert the table number and your completed meal will appear on the collection worktop.

In the event that you do come across a troller, make sure to instantly get in touch with a HR so they can be banned.

Code Of Conduct

Dress Code:
All our members are required to dress casually staff are to wear appropriate Fluffy Burger uniforms. You may be asked to change if you do not dress casually. Your character must be in R15 and R15 only.

Acting immature in our game is prohibited. Trolling also falls under this.

Members are required to respect one another whilst in-game. Roblox have provided resources such as the block feature to help those who do not wish to communicate with another member.

Exploiting anywhere in Fluffy Burger’s games or services is prohibited.
You may be permanently banned if you are caught exploiting.

Raiding is not tolerated in any Fluffy Burger games or services.
You may be permanently banned if you are caught raiding.

Counterfeit Groups:
You will be permanently banned if you are an owner of a fake Fluffy Burger group. You will be banned for 1 month if you work for one. This cannot be appealed and your group will have a DMCA filed.

Staff Going AFK:
If you are going AFK for more than 1 minute, you must do so outside in the parking lot.


In order to stop free-ranking, we have put in place regulations that must be followed at all times when promoting somebody.

Customer to Awaiting Training

Customers who are in Fluffy Burger always have the chance to apply for a job at the Application Centre. Upon passing your application, you will be ranked to Trainee, where you will be required to attend training.

Awaiting Training to Waiteror Chef

Upon successful completion of training, if you applied for an LR rank (Waiter or Chef), you will be ranked to that role.

Waiter/Chefto Lead Waiter/Chef

Hard-working and active employees of the ranks Waiters or Chefs can be promoted to the ranks Lead Waiter and Lead Chef.

You can promote to Lead Waiter/Chef if:

    • The player has good grammar and is active.
  • The player acts professionally.
  • They are familiar with the work process and are able to apply them upon promotion.
  • They have been a Waiter or a Chef for at least 2 weeks.
  • They have 210 points or more (Waiter).
  • They have 270 points or more (Chef).

Lead Waiter/Chef to Shift Manager

Hard-working LR’s with the ranks Lead Waiter/Chef can be promoted to Shift Manager.

    • The player has good grammar and is active. They may only be absent from 2 shifts per week.
  • The player acts highly professional and has a perfect understanding of the work procedures with a good and quick application.
  • They have waited at least 2 weeks from their last promotion.
  • They have exceptional skills in working with customers and be helpful to other workers. They must have great character and an approach of good management skills. They must also have no warnings.
  • They have 575 points or more (Waiter).
  • They have 675 points or more (Chef).

Shift Manager to General Manager
An outstanding Shift Manager can be promoted to General Manager if:

    • The Shift Manager has given a very good impression of themselves.
  • They are very active and be present at almost all shifts.
  • They have engaged constructively in HR discussions and have good communication and people skills.
  • They have good customer service/management skills.
  • Have a great willingness to help customers and colleagues.
  • They must have perfect grammar and English skills.

General Manager to Board of Directors

A promotion to Board of Directors is an honor and reserved only for the best and most professional workers.

You can promote to Board of Directors if:

    • They have met the above criteria.
  • They have been recognized as an outstanding employee by HR/SHR.


SHR is not a rank you can be promoted to. Only the best of the best are handpicked to work as SHR’s.

Alliance Application

Welcome to Fluffy Burger, if you would like to form a partnership agreement with Fluffy Burger then please review the required requirements listed below. Please be advised that all groups must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for a Partnership. All partnerships are subject to removal at any time.

All groups allied with Fluffy Burger will receive monthly evaluations to ensure they are meeting our standards, by our Communications Department.

All groups allied with Fluffy Burger are responsible for following these rules:

    • Your group must be a Business group (EX: Cafe, Restaurant, Clothing, or Hotel group.)
  • Your group must have a minimum of 500 non-botted members.
  • Your group staff must be professional, have great grammar, mature and good work ethics.
  • Your group must maintain a good reputation and be respected throughout the Roblox community.
  • Your group must have a Discord server.
    -Group must follow our company rules when present in our games.
    -Must be willing to shout and attend Fluffy Burger events.
  • Your group must send two executives as Allied Representatives. [They are required to be in our Discord server.]
    -Once you have finished your application please submit it to the Communications Department for review.

Application Form

    1. What is the name of your group?
  1. What is the type of group? (Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel, etc.)
  2. Amount of members in the group.
  3. Why are you choosing to ally with Fluffy Burger?
  4. How can you benefit Fluffy Burger by choosing a Partnership with them?
  5. How would Fluffy Burger benefit you by accepting the Partnership?
  6. What are the future goals for your group?
  7. Please leave the Discord code for your group below.
Rank Information

Staff Rules

    • Staff are not allowed to go AFK inside the restaurant and are required to go afk outside. This is to prevent point farming. If you are caught point farming your points will be dropped to zero and you could be demoted.
  • Staff are not allowed anywhere that counts as another role’s area. For example, Waiters are not allowed in the kitchen.
  • Staff may not fulfill the duties of another role, even if there are none online.
  • Staff should follow any advice given by their respective Lead Staff, but must comply with direct orders issued by any HR (Shift Manager+).
  • Emojis/emoticons (for example; XD , :P , :O , etc.) are not permitted and should be avoided at all costs. The only exception to this is :) , which may be used as a politeness marker.


    • Waiters greet customers at the front podium asking for the number of people.
  • Waiters escort the users to a table that matches their amount.
  • Waiters should provide the customers with a menu, asking for their orders.
  • Waiters process the order at any register. Spices must be provided for orders that require spices.
  • Waiters may only use the Order Meal / Order Drink sections of the computer.
  • Waiters must deliver the food from the kitchen counter to the tables.
  • Waiters should wonder about the tables asking the customers if everything’s fine and if they have any more orders to place.


  • Chefs must enter chef mode (using the button on the left-side of the screen) when they’re in the kitchen.
  • Chefs should take the orders from the printer in the kitchen and start making them.
  • Chefs ought to ensure each item is served to the correct table number.
  • Chefs should try to prepare food in a logical order for each individual table (for example, starters before desserts) , serving meals as they are ready.
  • Chefs are required to prepare fresh meals, i.e., food should not be cooking before it is ordered.
    NOTE: If you wish to get rid of orders, cross out every item that is part of it (click to strike-through).

Shift Managers
Shift Managers are in charge of the entire restaurant during a specific shift.
They are to handle trollers, complaints, kitchen, counter, waiters, employees, interruptions, questions and be helpful in general.

General Managers+
General Managers+ host trainings, appoint lead employees and shift managers, handle staff complaints, and deal with all pressing Company matters.

  1. “Can I apply if I have safe chat?”
  2. “What does STS & PTS mean?”
    Shoulder to Shoulder & Permission to Speak.
  3. “Am I allowed to attend sessions?”
    Yes, all staff are permitted to assist at sessions.
  4. “Are you hiring developers?”
    No, but feel free to send a message to the chairman.