Fluffy Burger HR Training & Guide

If you are looking for how to host trainings, other roles, or rank regulations please view the handbook here.

Please note that:

  • This document is not to be shared to LR’s
  • This document is not to be shared to HR’s currently in training
  • This document is only relevant for HR’s. Lower ranks should not be following this resource.
  • If you are using this resource to train a HR, you can share this with them after they have passed.

Copy and paste, this section of the training can be done in communications. Send images as well.

As soon as you passed your application, a profile will be generated with the Fluffy Burger bot on our communications.

This bot is used to create and track sessions, each user will have a goal for how many shifts and trainings they need to host, this will be reset every week, usually on a Sunday.

To view how many trainings and shifts you need to host, run ;profile .

Here you can see how many sessions you need to host. Go ahead and run ;session

You will be prompted with which type of session you would like to host, for this example say Shift

Now the bot will ask for a time, please note that sessions have to be at least an hour apart so check #sessions to make sure nobody else has taken up that hour slot. For this example reply with 23:00 so we hopefully do not get in the way of other people’s sessions earlier in the day.

You will then be prompted to add any additional notes/information for staff and customers, you can usually just reply with none or no unless there is an event going on or any specific requirements. In this case reply with no.

Then the bot will display the information you have entered, this is used to double-check the information you have entered. Now if it is correct then say yes, but for this example please say cancel/no because we do not want to actually make a session.

If we were to make a session, it would display here and also show on the nearest session. No need to ping customers and staff when it begins, the bot will automatically take care of it.

Now if you view ;profile again you will notice that your shifts has gone down, this is because you are going to host one. If you ever need to cancel a session run ;cancelsession , but this will re add that session to your required. If you need help with advanced commands like ;cancelsession you can always contact a SHR to walk you through the process in future.

  • Hosting shifts are quite simple, first of all, you would make a session and then join 5 minutes before it is due to start, once in-game you would mainly supervise customers and staff mainly around the entrance.
  • If there are any shortages of chefs and servers are waiting for orders to be prepared, you are allowed to prepare orders and run the bar if strictly needed. However, you should never do this if staff are in-game and available.
  • You are allowed to give staff 1-3 points at the end of the shift.
  • If you come across any bugs forward them to SHR/Development
  • Exploiters are to be banned asap, make sure you confirm that the person you are going to ban is the exploiter, if not you will be responsible for dealing with their ban appeal.
  • If you need someone to be pbanned and you do not have permission to do so, contact a General Manager+.

Trainings: (Instructions found on handbook)


SHR’s and chosen executive managers will have access to trello, most HR’s do not need access to trello as applications are automatic, if you come across someone claiming that they weren’t ranked after passing an application, contact a SHR.
You should also contact a SHR if anyone would like to appeal a ban.