Flying system help:

Hey everyone, I’ve got this flying system here.
However, it gets a little glitchy after awhile.
Here’s a video of it doing so as well as the code.

Here’s a little run down how it works.
So, there’s a part (Aimer), the part has filtered everything in workspace.
There’s a attachment within the Aimer as well as the ship.
We have a “AlignPosition”, which is used to move the Ship to the Aimer part.

We also have a VectorForce on Y axis to prevent the ship from falling

(thanks for the help w the missle which also helped the ship here too, yk who u are.)

Thanks in advanced

        local Speed = 50
	local Weight = workspace.Gravity*ss:GetMass()
	local Aimer = ss:WaitForChild("Aimer")

		ss.AlignPosition.Enabled = true

	local BodyForce = ss.VectorForce
	BodyForce.Force =,Weight,0) 

	while true do

		local Target = mouse.Hit
		mouse.TargetFilter = workspace

		Aimer.CFrame = Target

		ss.CFrame =, Aimer.Position)

		ss.AlignPosition.MaxVelocity = Speed