[For Hire] Axcerious (Modeling Portfolio)

Axcerious (Modeling Portfolio)

Welcome to my portfolio,
I’m a 17 year old American developer in the EST timezone.
My main skills include Modeling (Blender), Building (RBX Studio), and UI Design (Photoshop).

I’ve been on this platform since 2011 with my first account, and later started to develop and model closer to 2013.
I’d consider myself quite experienced when it comes to both leadership and hardwork/effort.
Being the leader of 2 highly motivated project right now I do need a better source of income prior to game release.

Without boring you of more of my life haha,
here is some project’s I’ve worked on…

Previous and On-Going Projects

Cursed Tales [Alpha] | Game Link
This is my first actual team project other than small prior commissions.
I was promoted to Lead Developer (Builder) whilst owned by lolthespy.
We worked for a solid 1-1/2 years before shutting the entire game production down last October (2018) due to no payment unfortunately and the amount of motivation decreased as the project carried out so long.

Free Falling Simulator | Game Link
This is the first game I’ve owned ever. Still currently in development :slight_smile:
I’ve worked tons of hours on managing and coordinating my talented team of developers which includes @anon71847246 and @WaverlyCoal

Underwater Simulator | No Game Link Available
This is a project me and a friend are running.
You’ll notice some models in the portfolio correspond with them theme of ‘Underwater’ and are some assets from In-Game.


Underwater Simulator


Other Work

More Work


Discord - Axcerious#0836
Twitter - AxceriousRBLX

Commissions Open

Only Modeling no Building or UI.

Credit to ChiefDays for the layout
Credit to UndoneBuilder for his contributions to Cursed Tales and his builds in the main village


Your modelling is good, although I do kind of agree with @Zak_Sensei on a side that some of the models could use a little bit of improvement, most especially the shark.

You’ve got the shark’s main body correct, but the front of it’s face just doesn’t really look too fitting for a shark. From the picture, I’m guessing you’ve recreated a hammerhead shark, and while it does have a good resemblance of a hammerhead shark, I feel like the front face can be improved on.

I also agree on Zak_Sensei for texturizing your models, it makes it stand out more and bring more attractiveness, for mostly the swords, backpacks and the crate.

But besides these points, I really like the swords. Good luck with future hiring opportunities :smile:


I didn’t texture yet, nor did I intend to smooth due to not fitting our liking / game theme.

You can have your own judgement on my models, but just know… calling someone’s work ‘Ugly’ and 'A Shame" is really shameful on your end.
The whole purpose is to give positive feedback and frankly your trying to bring my self-esteem down.

Please don’t respond to this message.
Take it to DM’s if we need to.

For anyone wondering,
I’ll say it again

I didn’t Texture these models, they are purely just the model.
For the entire smoothing situation, having it smoothed just made it look “Ugly” so I didn’t have that.
And If anyone had any problems with my work, DM me I don’t want an argument section in this post…

It’s just completely not what this Portfolio section is for.
This is for motivation, Positive Feedback and slight Constructive Criticism.


As well, would you like this smoothed too?
Since your a batman fan…

Like I’m not sure whats ‘Ugly’ about my work.

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Well you should include this to your portfolio then because is cool too if it has an other style from your and I don’t believe much is made by you but if it is I’m sure you are a really good modeler and anyways this is the wrong category for the portfolio, you posted this in public recruitment but this should stay in public portfolios.

My bad I’ll change that right now, didn’t notice.


So uve made one of the most complex shapes I’ve ever seen in my life, and for portfolio u thought its better to show off 5 minute work?
I found the exact same model in the internet,atleast don’t lie…


This model was off a tutorial.
So I’d expect a ton of people to have similar models to it.

No worries :slight_smile:
I have the .blend file and everything if you want to discuss in DM’s I can send further images.

This was a reference I used as well as the guy in the Video made.
Although I recreated on Blender while this was made on Cinema4D.

For the future, just do a little more digging if you truly think ‘stole’ a model.
No harsh feeling and I hope this proves your theory wrong.


I recommend tutorials such as these for anyone that want a little more ‘umpf’ into their models.
This channel in particular explains stuff very well.

Goodluck to everyone who attempts such models!
Slow and steady you’ll get there :slight_smile:

just went out of my way to re-create a rough version of the beginning of the Bat-Mobile again to prove my ability

Anyways I hope that’s further proof I made it :slight_smile:


Your modeling skills are not horrible at all.

Disregard this disrespectful message that was flagged, I actually like your style. Instead of spamming the smooth button, you have multiple different parts. It really shows the reflections, the shadows and everything. In all honesty, I think your work is amazing.

Although maybe use the smooth button sometimes.


I agree with @AirStrategy your modelling skills are pretty decent if I must say. No one is going to be “perfect” at everything. Yes, there are a few things you could work on but other than that this is a pretty decent portfolio. There are worse ones out there.

Regarding the disrespectful flagged messages and criticism, I think they have shown a huge a lack of respect towards a member of the community simply trying to get his work out there just like everyone else. Everyone has to start somewhere am I right? I’m sorry on there behalf of the immaturity they have shown towards your work. Keep up the good work bud and I hope your commissions go well.


Your modeling is actually pretty decent,no need of using smooth that style is actually good (low poly) in this case the smooth option could have ruined its uniqueness.

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Thanks a lot,
And I completely agree.

That’s the type of motivate and advice I like to see not only for my work but for everyone.

This forum is to promote more development and to help people :slight_smile:


First of all, I’d like to apologize, maybe I overreacted in the way I spoke, and when I translated into English (as I used google translator) it made me rude.
But please do not misunderstand me, I do not regret having said anything of what I said.
But I regret having spoken in an “unkind way”.
If you modeled this car first, why not put it in your portfolio?
He is very handsome and if he had been there from the beginning, I would not talk about him.
But I’m sorry, I just came here to say that.
I do not care what you think about me.
I do not care if you think I was rude, but if I offended you directly, or indirectly, I’m sorry.

That you improve your skills, and do good and well done things and always grow from now on, good luck. :wink:

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Thanks :heart:

I wish you the best of luck as well on all your future projects and commissions.

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Your a great modeler! keep it up.

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Are you sure you built the third picture under the “Other Stuff” drop down button?

Because the original creation is this place: https://www.roblox.com/games/847624766/Cause-this-is-what-I-do-for-fun

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I’m going to assume that perhaps you slipped up, but my good sir one of those images you posted is very much my build, one I designed quite some time ago as an animation project I did for fun, found here: https://www.roblox.com/games/847624766/Cause-this-is-what-I-do-for-fun

This makes me very curious as to why you’re claiming this as your own, and skeptical that the other things you show are even yours, as the version you’re showing isn’t even the edited version cursed tales uses, but rather my original version I very much know you had nothing to do with making.


I had credited you in the post description haha.

Not sure if you saw all the way at the bottom.