For UX Sake Add a Mute Music Button To Your Game!

There is no valid excuse to not have a Mute button in your game

It's better to have a mute music button in your game because of these reasons;
  • Youtubers will love you for it, I’ve seen countless complaints about the lack of a Mute button

    • It doesn’t matter if your Music is custom made and copyright free, Youtubers wouldn’t want to risk getting a Copyright strike, believe me you want your game to be Youtuber friendly, basically you help them help you
  • You might like your game music but not everyone will, people have given many dislikes due to the lack of a Mute button.

  • Players might be listening to their own music or something else not having a mute button means that you have to either leave the game, mute Roblox client, or stop listening to what they were.
    We can all agree that it’s a bad experience

Now you might be thinking “Why on earth is that my problem just turn off the volume”

  • Your Music Volume property might be too loud for some users, keep in mind that Roblox is a Gaming Platform with a lot of Young kids, they might not know how turn down the volume on their devices but if you have a mute button it’s only one click away

  • I might not want to listen to the Music but I still want to hear other sound effects in your game and I also shouldn’t have to mute my Game Client Volume because I’ll have to turn it on again in another game

Now you might be thinking “This is such a small problem why should I care”

  • If you understand UX - User Experience you’ll realize that you don’t want to leave a bad taste in your players mouth or else they wouldn’t come back to play your game, they won’t tell their friends about it and will never spend Robux on your game.

    • So my question to you is “Is that what you want?”

If you aren’t convinced yet, say hello to my little friends:

“The customer is ALWAYS right”

“Happy customer happy business”


If you can add music to your game you can add a mute button, it’s your responsibility.

This also applies to Radios, you wouldn’t want to know how much I hate Ear Bleeders.

Now that you are convinced I am glad you made it

If you have trouble with coding I’ve got your back!

Here's Code
local PlayerS = game:GetService('Players')
	local plr = PlayerS.LocalPlayer
		local PlayerGui = plr:WaitForChild('PlayerGui')
			local MainGui = PlayerGui.MainGui
				local MusicBtn = MainGui.MusicBtn
local SoundS = game:GetService('SoundService')
	local Music = SoundS.Music
local function MusicBtn_Func()
	if Music.Playing then
	MusicBtn.Text = Music.Playing and 'Music On' or 'Music Off'


Make sure to put everything in the right places and references are valid

If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer it, and please let me know if you have any issues.

Have fun Developing - Sincerely RuizuKun_Dev


I cannot stress how much i support this. Especially in games with one or few tracks, it just gets old and annoying to be forced to listen to. I have the same issues at work, 8 hours a day listening to the same playlist for the past year.


Having a mute music is great, especially for games that allow you to request songs.

I have been in cafes/restaurants and other games where I like the ambiance and sound effects, because someone took time to make them and it gives it a great feel of their genre, but someone would often play ear bleeder songs, and other audios that might be bypassed which leaves me with 2 options

  • Leave the game
    I would hate to leave the game either I just joined or I’ve been playing for a bit and want more of it.
  • Mute the entire roblox game
    Having to mute the entire game would leave me with sadness because I like to have actual sounds when playing a game. A game with barely any audio or no audio at all makes the game feel a little scary and boring.
    what I mean by scary is that I’ve played games where there would be jump scares for no reason

But I do completely agree on a mute audio and hope to see more of it just because it’s annoying without it.


Whether you have a volume slider or a toggle button in your game, players are endlessly appreciative of even seemingly small quality of life features


I work in retail, and I think you’ll find the customer is always wrong :upside_down_face:


In defense of developers who don’t add mute buttons, it can get pretty complex to implement such a feature. Especially if you’re like me and you tween the volume of sounds and stuff. It just takes away development time on many features that are probably more important. And depending on how you implement such a system, it can get tedious when you add new music to your game.

That’s some food for thought. Just because somebody doesn’t add a mute button to their game doesn’t mean they’re evil. They just probably had better things to work on.


SoundGroups make this a bit easier. You can attach a SoundGroup to your music track and have your volume slider/mute button change the Volume of the entire SoundGroup.


Maybe I’m just really old-school then. Never had a use for SoundGroups until now, and I feel like whenever I played with them I lost some functionality. But that was a long time ago. Also, it still takes away my precious development time >:(

Darn players and their mute buttons.


I’m pretty sure he is referring to other sound effects that are not music, which can take quite awhile to script a mute feature depending on your system.


You don’t know how other games are set up. Just because it took you five minutes doesn’t mean it will take everyone five minutes. Especially if their game doesn’t have music sorted out in any special way. Don’t make blatant assumptions and then claim everyone not doing something is wrong.

Let me ask you this do you think having a mute button is better than having non at all?

Sure it’s better. But I’m also not going to take the time to implement a feature in my game “because why not?” when there’s bigger fish to fry.

What do you think is more important fanciness or function?

What’s the correct answer here? Are you saying that developers who would rather write fancy code to properly implement music muting into their game are wrong? I’ve made some quick music muting scripts before and let me tell you, they are horribly inefficient and make tons of assumptions. Is it bad that I want a healthy code base for my game that is easy to maintain?

All I am saying is respect your player’s ears they have the right to decided what they want to hear in a game.

No. They have no right to anything in my game. I have the right to choose whether or not I’m going to be giving them an option to mute music.

Again, I’m not against mute buttons, but there’s no reason to crucify devs who don’t choose to add them for reasons you don’t know.


Im curious what sort of functionality you felt you lost with SoundGroups. They don’t take away any functionality, all SoundGroups do is group sounds together and allow you to make changes to a bunch of disparate sounds from one controller.
Applying a SoundGroup to a single sound shouldnt change how it functions beyond that.

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I must have set them up in some messed up way then. I think I lost 3D sound functionality for sounds parented to parts in Workspace or something. Probably a mistake on my end.

Thank you for bringing them up though. They will certainly speed up development time for this and other issues.

“I am not shaming Devs who don’t implement a mute button” My apologies then. I just figured the “no excuse” thing was.

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mute buttons yes

Ok but for real I cant stress how much mute buttons should be added

looks at tycoon games with cringe electronic music


I’m surprised that people don’t tbh… I like listening to my own music and roblox SFX when I play games so I just leave games that don’t let you disable music.

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Exactly this.

In my games I always split sounds into groups based on:

  • Menu music
  • Menu effects
  • Game music (if applicable)
  • Game effects

And give a slider that can go to 0 for each. It takes mere seconds to add new sounds and assign them to the correct group, and the player now has freedom over all noisy aspects of the game.


Yes, especially for games where players can choose the music. Disliked muting the entire game but had no choice.

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I just have a local value for each player called “volume level”
All volume tweening and/or math I do with any mutable tracks are multiplied by the “volume level” value
Cost me about 2 min, equivalent to the amount of time it takes for roblox studio to stop seizing while autosaving a relatively empty place.


eh, my games have been lacking mute buttons for a while, so this post gave me the little push i needed to implement it.
the way i did it is basically just tagging anything “music” with CollectionService, and having a localscript mute them via EqualizerSoundEffect. probably not the best solution, but it works. kinda goes to show how many different ways you can do the simple task of muting a sound though


Don’t add a mute button.
Just remove the music.
Simple solution.

Personally, I play at 0% volume in every game on roblox, I’d rather listen to nothing over music. :expressionless:

This is regardless of whether they have a mute music button, though if they do, sometimes I’ll enable it in case it’s required in order to not be killed the moment you go into an area

Just add SFX and audio (in the sense of dialogue audio, if compatible) to make up for it.

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Yeah… But for the people that play with > 0% volume it would be annoying just listening to the sounds of Roblox character steps walking around. Even a little game music at like 0.1-0.2 volume would be fine.

Adding a mute button is nice!