Force CanCollide upon all parts in a model

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I was just wondering if there was a way to prevent zooming through all parts in a model, no matter what. I was wondering if there was a script to do this?

I’ve got an airplane and I’m simply interested in preventing passengers/users from zooming outside, and viewing the fuselage exterior of the aircraft. Sadly there’s not much I can do on the planekit side, as the majority of scripts are obfuscated by a developer. I’m simply looking for a script that can force collision upon all parts in the aircraft model, or prevent passengers from zooming out.

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In the camera properties, which can be found by clicking on the camera in the workspace, there is a max zoom option somewhere. Change that to a lower number.

You don’t need a script to do this.

Thanks for your response.

How do you create a script that reduces someone’s maximum zoom level when they sit in a seat? Perhaps to zoom maximum one or even zero.


This and this;,CameraMinZoomDistance%20and%20StarterPlayer

Goodluck to you and your scripting adventure.

Can’t you just go into the plane kit and into the fuselage and make those Parts CanCollide manually so when the model loads there is no issue? Select all the Parts you want CanCollide and check that box in the Properties window.

The issue with making everything CanCollide is that it can cause a bit more lag, unless the other new option of having the Parts CanTouch set to false helps.