Force Or Recommend App Updates

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to reliably make use of newly introduced features on mobile devices. Earlier today, my literal pet project’s bug reporting bot told me there’s gamers gaming on versions of the roblox app that don’t support tweens yet. Said gamers can’t even advance past my experience’s start screen, completely halting their on-the-go-gaming session.

Please make app updates mandatory (like they are on desktop) or at least give gamers a “please update your app” dialog before joining any experience.

Addressing this issue would allow me to make use of roblox’ latest features on any device, without having to worry about supporting older versions of roblox, which is incidentally something I’ve never really had to worry about before.

How I solved this problem for now
game:GetService("ScriptContext").Error:Connect(function(message, stack, scr)
	if string.find(message, "not enabled yet") then
		game.StarterGui:SetCore("SendNotification", {
			Title = "Your ROBLOX app is outdated!";
			Text = "Please update the app to play this experience.";
			Icon = ""; --"rbxassetid://131093130";
			Duration = 999;
			Button1 = "Okay";
	game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Port"):FireServer("Error", {message, stack, {Name = scr.Name}})

But it’s not great.


I thought this was already done?

Apparently not - this may be a glitch

It’s still happening, and I can’t even cleanly filter out the related error messages anymore.

This is actually not a bug caused by version differences, it’s because RespectFilteringEnabled is not scriptable at all (not readable, not writable) yet the default character scripts still try to read its value. The fix for this would be to make RespectFilteringEnabled read-only scriptable.

See here for the bug report:

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Thanks fam. In return, here’s a legitimate recent occurrence from like a week or so ago.

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It doesn’t look like this one is caused by an old app version, it looks like the flags weren’t loaded correctly for that client.

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