Forced/Limited graphics settings

Has anyone else needed to force graphics settings? I have a top-down perspective game.

On graphics 1-2…

Graphics 3+

I need the graphics to operate at 3+ even if the game runs at 10fps. I can’t turn down the FOV (I’ve tried, it ruins the perspective I’m going for) without warping the players view of the flat world.


Turns out I could solve this by using the Camera.Focus property. I had a typo in my code and it failed. I fixed it and here is graphics 1…

I still think we need this feature, though!


This is a great idea! To take this further, I’d like to suggest the ability to turn on/off and configure all of the individual graphics components. (Shadows, particle effects, render distance, etc.) This would allow for finer control over what the player sees and experiences.

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Total support for this.


Yeah, this would be useful. Full support!