Forest | Official Release

Hello Developers!

This is a new showcase I have officially released, its called “Forest - {Showcase}”. Don’t mind the lack of creativity on the title :sweat_smile:. It is a game where you can explore the woods by using the hiking paths and they can lead you to different places, some that may interest you. This game is quite laggy due to there being over 5k trees. All feedback is appreciated!

Game Pics

Underground Bunker

Ancient Ruins of The Lost City of Prophecy


(yes there is another place inside that portal)

Secret Place #1


Secret Place #2

@Maximum_ADHD - Realism (The character animation)

@IntrepidDude - Rest of game

Thanks for reading this!

Have a good day!


Kinda feels like holding W simulator to find anything. Apart from that it is really fun.

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I like it but it needs some level and variation from the trees.Overall I like the NPC guy like “idk look for it urself” :smiley:
Keep it up!Hopefully I can see popular showcases from you!

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looks nice

also u told me to reply here so here ya go

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