Forking Default BubbleChat Script

Ever since the new BubbleChat update, my old method of forking the script in order to modify things like color seems to not be working anymore.

Before, I just cloned BubbleChat in the Chat container in explorer and then made the necessary modifications, but these changes don’t seem to be taking effect with no errors. I added a couple prints throughout the code just to be 100% sure that it was actually running and there weren’t any issues there.

Did Roblox change the way that this is done?

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You may be referring to the change where BubbleChat became part of the CoreGui.

The new BubbleChat will be a CoreScript because it relies on many libraries and we don’t want to pollute the development environment with those. Unfortunately, developers won’t be able to see the source or fork it to make their own customized versions, but we hope to provide enough customization options that forking becomes unnecessary. But don’t worry! If you would rather stick to using the old BubbleChat, you will still be able to use it or fork it like normal.

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Thanks. Must have missed that part of the post. It looks like :SetBubbleChatSettings() would be useful in my case.

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Upon taking a closer look and experimenting around with this a little bit it looks like this isn’t available to modify for specific player since it’s client-sided only.