Foruix | Logo Artist | CLOSED

Hello! I’m Foruix a self-taught logo artist. I have around 1 year of experience in logo making and I am constantly expanding my knowledge.

Commission Work

“DCOH” @Denxly a.k.a SolzyEase.

“Slay Studios”.

“Guild Masters”.

Practice/ Self work

“Island Tycoon” (Self work, cancelled game).

“Foruix Productions” (Personal game productions group).

“Science Simulator” logo remake.

“Ninja tycoon” logo remake no katanas.

“Example Studios” practice art.

“Lights” random effects practice.

Random text.

Simplistic logo (inspired by BIG Studios, self 5 minute logo challenge).

“Gun Arena” (Made in 2minutes).

“Balloon” (Made in 1minute).

Free Logos work

“The Legendary Noob Army” @JustKillea

Portfolio banners for @dodosnicker

“The District of Swords” @CatTheCatception

“Slime Studio” @Ernie_Time

“ GTC” @erh20111

I am available for around 10+ hours for logo making. I am in PST.
I can work from 8-2 AM but not non-stop.

Plain: 100+ :robux_gold:
Simple: 250+ :robux_gold:
Normal: 500+ :robux_gold:
Premium: 1k+ :robux_gold:

I only accept robux (Shirt, group funds, gift cards).

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via roblox messages.
Please do not send me a friend request. Instead, follow me and message or dm me on devforum.
Correct roblox profile

  1. All logos are non-refundable.
  2. Half payment will be provided after I show watermarked version and other half will be provided after I provide unwatermarked version.
  3. I have the right to decline any commissions.
  4. Color changes, background changes can be requested before the last payment. If you would like other changes such as font, images or more, extra payment can be added if major changes are requested.
  5. If I have suspicions I will ask for proof of funds.

Thank you for your time, hope to work with you soon! :grin:


Commissions opened, I’m doing free logos but if you pay you get priority. But I will not stop in the middle of a project for that. You will be next up instead.

New category “Free Logo work” has been added.

Foruix did a great job, he made a logo for my group (for free) and it turned out amazing! I love the logo that he made me; he replies quickly and is very friendly. I would recommend him if you’re looking for a friendly, fast logo designer. Thank you again Foruix!

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New logo from the Free logo event here! Remade and implemented attack on titan logo ideas for this one!

(Background image from attack on titan, blurred)

Yes I agree he is so nice! I I definitely recommend him.


Slime Studio from the free logo event!

I would definitely hire this person in the future. He delivers in under a day and had made exactly what I had on my mind! 25/10

This person is amazing!

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“GTC” Logo for realistic FPS game for @erh20111
Went a little overboard with this one… 612 layers….

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I got a logo by Foruix yesterday, and I highly recommend them as a good logo designer! The logo was made really quickly, and was designed very well!

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Update - Made some banners for the portfolio! I’ll be making a name tag banner soon!

Hi! Can you make me a free logo similar to your “Slime Studio” logo? I want it to say “Sword Simulator” and then two swords crossed behind it in a blur.

I’d appreciate it! Thank you and have a good day!

Scratch that sorry can you make it say “Welcome to Sword Simulator”

Sorry, I am no longer taking requests for the event. For something like the Slime Studio logo you can pay 450 robux.

UPDATE! Free logos are no longer available. For those who want logos, a sale is going on! all logos Simple grade and up have decreased prices!

Closed, been pretty tired. Work will be reopen soon!

3D Render banner here!