Forum introduction should tell upcoming developers to not PM the OP regarding a thread they can't post in

I’ve received multiple messages from upcoming developers trying to participate in threads I’ve made that they can read but not post in. Obviously this is not at all how a forum should work. Upcoming developers should be told not to do this.


I’ve been getting a lot of these messages too.

Not sure what to do about them. It makes the forum feel broken.


imo we feel left out. A good solution would be to not show us threads in categories we’re not allowed to reply in until a solution has been marked. Otherwise, we may feel like we can help and dm you.

I’d rather just have the introduction/rule. I don’t want to be limited by people who misuse the forum. :frowning:

Well then I yield.
Sorry if we’re trying to hard to help.

Shouldn’t you be happy people are participating and providing feedback or advice regarding a thread you made instead of hateing on them?

Like not trying to start drama or anything just asking…


That’s kinda true since they’d get a notification either way, though getting a PM is definitely at least a bit more bothersome. And it’s also true that the forums don’t work in this way as the OP said. If one can’t reply to a thread, then obviously they’re not allowed to for certain reasons, and PMing would technically be the same as replying.

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Basic users PMing you is just a symptom of a larger problem of how we want to contribute, but are segregated away to areas where we are pretty much expected to ask basic questions. Frankly, it feels like I’m being treated like a small child being hushed by their parent because I want to contribute to a conversation. Generally, I’m not here to ask how to script something, I can figure that out myself or just Google a solution most of the time. I want to contribute and help improve Roblox through feature requests and bug reports. I want to be able to interact with fellow developers to find contract work or get games ideas. I want to see what other devs do outside of making games and find people with similar interests.

However, this is not a reality. As basic_users we are segregated out and treated as little kids who might say a bad word. If you really wanted to prepare basic_users or whatever their new name will be, this is not the way. A mother bird teaches her babies to fly by pushing them out of the nest, how should this be any different?


Basic users should not be DMing people if they can’t post. That makes the Dm off topic. Also I’ve had problems where people not even in the forum PM me on Roblox about post I make, very annoying.

The problem at hand here is people being ranked incorrectly, not the rank itself being handled incorrectly. A rank to prevent newer developers from posting everywhere is not per se a bad thing, but what you describe is not someone who /should/ be in the basic rank to begin with. (somewhat looking at @Kiansjet as well) There is the possibility of being ranked by staff for posts made/suggestions done to them before the 6 month trial period, but this is not exactly ideal either.

Maybe @Nightgaladeld it is an idea to have members nominate trial users/upcoming developers for a member position based on posts they made, nomination threads do involve a lot of research and in general are a big step to make for every misranked user. (while their posts can give quite a clear image of their skill level at times)

Nominations have been open since the basic user program started for what you describe. Feel free to use the nominations category whenever you see someone you think should be bumped up.

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What I mean to say is, making a dedicated nomination thread for that is quite a thing, where a system with perhaps up- and downvotes (profile-based, not sure how to realise this) somewhere is a much smaller step to take while each current member can easily weigh in. The scale at which people are ranked too low and the demotivational effect of being ranked like that require an easy-to-use system of correcting this.

I want to make it clear that I understand that both sides have a point here. I get that full on members may get irritated when they get the equivalent of a reply from a user who is ranked specifically so they should not be able to reply. However, I hope that they understand that we’re acting in good faith. (at least those of us not performing the equivalent of asking for free robux from a game dev)

Unless there is a change in the DevForum that prohibits such behavior, I don’t see a reason for us to stop.

We’re not asking for the member role, but when you explicitly check the box for view and leave the reply box unchecked, that is the equivalent of a friend at school inching toward you with another person, intentionally speaking loud enough for you to hear, but asking you to shut up when you try to join in on the convo. It doesn’t feel right.

edit: that simile was way too specific lol

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My developing environment feels invaded when I get messages just because of people responding to a post that they should not be responding to but observing to learn from it.

So it’s more of a prejudice that we aren’t knowledgeable in the subject in question then?
I don’t doubt there are topics on this forum that we can’t learn from. But yeah. If we don’t know about it, it’s not like we’ll ask an unrelated question in the OP’s DMs. (If you are doing that, stop and make a new thread about it kthx)

Though you can’t respond to feature requests, you can submit feature requests and bug reports. (See 5.1 under ‘Global Rules’ of this thread for info on how to submit bug reports/feature requests)

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When users are added to the forums, their trust_level is set based on the work they submitted in their application. It’s not really prejudice that we lock down “How do I increase player retention?” in Development Discussion to someone who submitted a few days worth of work as the pinnacle of their creations and has never managed a game before.

We’re looking for comments that explore the intricacies of game mechanics, player behavior and more – posts that stem from experience and calculated reason. If we have users PMing others, that only confirms we made the right decision locking down the category. Circumventing category restrictions is not exhibiting thoughtful reason or mature behavior, and is more self-serving than towards the benefit of the community by providing a valuable resource.

Please do not PM others about locked threads. The OP can’t move your posts to their topic, and as evident by this thread, these PMs are more pestering than helpful.


This is how I feel, but I don’t believe we should start a riot or anything to get more permissions. Yes, I believe we don’t have many permissions, but that’s the point. Basic users are trial users, learning how to use the devforum before getting full access.

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Responding to Feature Requests would be a lot more useful so I can state why an idea may or may not be a good thing from my point of view.

I guess the only thing to do then is make something that shows your fullest potential and make it in as a full member. You need to keep in mind those who don’t even receive ‘upcoming developer’ status don’t even get to post at all.

The upcoming developer rank has only allowed more people to achieve access they wouldn’t have had previously. It hasn’t limited anyone at all.