Forum operating very slowly since the maintenance

Ever since the forum temporarily went down due to maintenance, the forum has been operating very slowly.

Certain pages take way longer to load as well as certain buttons like “Dismiss” in the New Topics tab works after the 5th press. Already read notifications also return from time to time.


I don’t seem to be experiencing this. Everything works just fine for me. Are you sure it isn’t an Internet issue or something else on your side?

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@PrismaticShadows @Ty_Scripts my internet connection is very fast. This is also happening only on this discourse forum.

im pretty sure the maintenance was from 9 am to 4pm so see what happens after 4pm(Also the forum is slow for me too)

The banners always say that the maintenance is done once said banner isn’t present. You also got the hours wrong. It was a 3h thing and not the entire working day lol

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Hmm. I thought you were talking about dismissing new notifications. I can’t reproduce the slowness but the “New” dismiss button doesn’t work unless I spam-click. Also, when I tried deleting my earlier reply, it didn’t work unless that’s a new update.

Yeah I just tried deleting my post and it didn’t let me, now the option isn’t even there anymore

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I have been experiencing several issues since the maintenance, and I’m currently trying to find and report the major issues I see. Currently multiple bug reports are appearing and hopefully they are fixed.

I can’t reproduce the slowness, and even spam clicking the dismiss button doesn’t work.

Thanks to all the engineers looking into this. :slight_smile:


Some pages don’t load at all

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Yep, additionally seeing ridiculous response times for a modern webpage:

I’m seeing averages of 1000ms… which is very high for most webpages.


For me it’s been operating at the same still slow speed it operated before. It hasn’t gotten slower at all for me.

This could be a region thing, maybe the servers you’re connecting to are acting weird.

Nevermind, it just died.

Yes, there was an extreme loss of performance after maintenance. Also (just before this answer was posted) the site started crashing. I even got a ridiculous error message. But on the forum I can really say that go wrong.

DevForum had another maintenance, but I’m positive it’s mildly fixed.

We’re aware and looking into it, thanks. Discourse tends to have slightly different run-time behavior between updates and we’re running it at a pretty large scale, so it takes some tweaking/rescaling to get things stable again after each major update. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Unsure if it’s related to the maintenance but each forum category on the homepage is no longer showing an assortment of the latest active and pinned threads for each. Bug or intended?

Continuing the conversation from the dismiss new topic, I checked the Network tab when I clicked “Dismiss New” (this is on Chrome by the way) and it took 13.12 seconds just to process the request.


The image is pretty much saying the 13.12 seconds is just from waiting for the sever.


Here’s a video that shows exactly how slow Dismiss New is now


I might have some insight to this: the forum’s too popular.

I was browsing just fine until it took at LEAST 30 seconds to load. Then I saw this for about 15:

It then proceeded to refresh and I was able to view it again. This happened at 1:52pm EDT.


I personally haven’t experienced this happen to me, I’ve had a white screen occasionally whilst loading on the mobile DevForum PWA which causes me to relaunch the app.

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I don’t think this is the case

(source About - DevForum | Roblox)

17,552 users using a site in 24 hours isn’t that much compared to the millions of users major social media platforms have every day.

I think it’s server issues related to the 8/19 maintenance.