Forum post contents do not load and sometimes duplicate title while you're logged out

Everytime you click on a topic, its contents do not load and sometimes the title of it (and possibly the navbar) duplicates on topic title click.

Example page for the duplication bug: Is it good to use repeat wait() loops for this? Is there a more efficient method?
(you must be logged out for the bug to happen)

Bug has started happening around 10 or more minutes ago.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Log out of Devforum
  2. Click on any topic

Alternative way to reproduce:

  1. Use a guest account and go to devforum
  2. Click on any topic

I can confirm as well. This seems to be a DevForum issue, since I can check any topic created on the Discourse forum. I used an incognito window in order to check.

Discourse (please note I am not logged in there as well):

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Yes it’s true, there is no way to fix it all you can do is wait, the same thing happened to a person I saw.

This is fixed, thanks.

PS: you might need to hard refresh (CTRL+F5 or similar on Mac) if you are still seeing this.


If Mac users are still confused on how to do this…there’s two ways to do a hard refresh.

  1. Command + Shift + R
  2. Hold CTRL then click the reload button
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