Forum post how to rank up no longer works

The post, How to rank up on the Roblox Developer Forum no longer works and says ‘Sorry, we coiuldn’t load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.’ And here I am letting you know.

Overall, Is it just me, or is it for everyone/majority of people?

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The forum works perfectly fine. It loads and everything.
Steps to try to fix this for you:
Check your Router.
Disconnect and reconnect to your internet.
Waiting 10-60 minutes before trying again.
Restarting your device.
Now, the DevForum has been giving me a couple of errors trying to load pages. This may be the problem that you are also facing. As suggested earlier in this post, wait a couple of minutes and then refresh the page.
Hope this helps!
FallinqSnowFlake :upside_down_face:

Some pages were failing to load and gave 502 errors, this should be resolved now.


Oops accidentally tapped solution button, sorry. Anyway, thanks!

edit: as in getting rid of it*