Fossil Find - Part 2!

Hello fellow Developers.

This is a game/showcase Me, IAmUniqueDefaultGuy and robloxguy01231 have been working on, I hope you like it


It was a normal day at the Construction site in Blox Hood. A small but cheerful town! These construction workers were working for a shady import export company and they were not too sure why they were working for bad people… They were instructed to dig up the site for a new shopping mall but it wasn’t about the shopping mall. It was about hidden T-Rex bones in the construction site! 5-6 hours after the builders started digging they came to a halt when they hit a rock, which was a bone, later they found other broken bones to their amazement there was a human body frozen in what looked like a capsule. The construction carefully packed the bones and human body and sent it to the nearest museum/lab, they thought that it was over but they were very wrong because this was just the start. 2 weeks later when the mall was being built, the construction manager was contacted by the Head of Paleontology research Deportment. He started talking, he talked fast, his words were “Hello, I am Bernard the T-Rex bones that you uncovered from the dig site they are very unusual. Because T-Rex were extinct long before the time of Roblox Guests, But this bone is relatively 10 years old and that is impossible and the human in the capsule is from the Future realm of 2045.” He ended the call leaving the construction manager confused. A week later Rosoft announced that Time Travel Technology had been uncovered from the dig site in Blox Hood! In the Technology they encoded a holo transmission from the year 2045 and it said that “builderman travels to the time of Guests and bring back a T-Rex baby” So in conclusion in the year 2045 dinosaurs were no longer extinct and dinosaurs killed the the realm of 2045 and then they time traveled back to the time of the Guests and thats how they ended up here!

NOTE: This story is original and made by Truthful_Shadow


  • robloxguy01231 - Building + published on his group

  • IAmUniqueDefaultGuy - Thumbnail + Story editing

  • Truthful_Shadow - Story writing + Devforum Post + Icon

Changes: Lighting, Story and more



What’s the story behind this, what are the crates for, and doesn’t seem to see any way they might of got back up to the surface and also looks kinda weird that there would be cones or someone holding up a stop sign, also you usually wouldn’t see grass if they recently just dug it up and the surrounding terrain would be completely rock/ground

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reminds of me 2006 style, i like it! maybe change the material for the hill terrain? also the boxes feel outta place kinda. but other than that its a pretty good start!

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Full story:

“what could this bone be hiding?”

so they started digging a few hours ago when they stumbled upon this what they thought was a rock but then they found out its a bone. so then they brought crates to carefully uncover the bone and transport it to another place. But then the ground started to collapse but they soon added beams to support the ground and thats why the cones are there to stop civilians from entering the construction site and therefore get injured due to the the ground being unstable. btw this was not supposed to be a story lol (these are no ordinary builders)

Oh thx and the crates are for the bone to be transported cones are to stop civilians from entering the construction site

well a crate for bones would be more rectangle like, longer and a bit less thick. also maybe changing up the colors to not be so intense (for the boxes).

also remove the NPCs, totally ruin immersion

Ok thx for feedback ill update the photos as soon as its done!

well you should, it adds a lot to the showcase and actually makes sense

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wouldn’t it be transported on a truck?

I think the ground would be way less level and the bone might of broke inhalf and maybe try to make the ground look more violent or something idk

boxes and a truck :blush: :blush:

I don’t know a lot about fossils but I’m pretty sure they try to transport it into one piece and preserve it as much as they can instead of cutting it into pieces

the truck is off scene all your feedback is very good Ill take it into count thx alot

damn, you’re just flexing now (joking ofc) also may I ask you how you achieved that volumetric?

100% but the smaller pieces would go into a box, however they wouldn’t “cut”, more like disassemble.

by violent what would you mean?

im deleting the post so i dont steal this thunder lol (after he replies)

like the fossil broken into halfs, the ground having alot of deeper holes, etc

Ok will do!! and what do you mean my volumetric?

i have no clue what u guys are talking abt lol