FPS Game Devlog | #27 - Rank Unlock Guns, new round system, new map voting system, inspect animations, new guns, and more!

I said his work is very good, And that is all I had to say, smh.

Insane job on this bro. Keep it up :fire:

OP has not made a single cent off of this, neither has op ”stolen the CS:GO assets”.

The accepted definition of stealing is
” take (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.”

First of all, OP was not the one ”stealing” the models, for all I or you know they could’ve taken the first gun model they got from the toolbox. Just shows how little base you have on you allegations.


and without intending to return it

Did OP plan to use the models in the final version? NO.

But of course, you ignored it, and continued claiming OP was stealing assets.

Ok! Let’s get legal. Britain is where OP lives, (this is public information, check their profile desc). Here’s the shortened version of the legal definition of stealing in Britain.

Theft is defined as the physical removal of an object that is capable of being stolen without the consent of the owner and with the intention of depriving the owner of it permanently”

Oh hey! My points match up.

I understand that you using the word “stealing” is most likely euphemism, but that is not a reason to attack OP over something obviously false.

This made me really chuckle a bit. The 2 sentences ago you wrote about not caring about @Im_FireFly’s opinion, when he just said “great work op” and tried to make you a bit more positive (once again, pointing out you’re not very kind in your words). I’m not going to continue this because I don’t want to have a debate about what is “rude” and what is not, but just keep in mind you probably should be a little kinder.

I still don’t recommend stealing models from games
Once again, not stealing.

I mean Valve probably doesn’t care but that doesn’t mean you can take their assets
Valve, do not care. Counter Blox, (which also has CS:GO assets fyi) is a nearly carbon copy of CS:GO but on roblox. It has thousands of players every day. Valve does not care. I doubt a random 1000 visit shooter with a couple temporary csgo models will change that. (Of course this doesnt mean you should steal).

In summary, don’t lie, don’t insult people, and try to keep the devforum a fun place, thanks.

I did not proofread this, it is probably riddled with spelling mistakes, apologies. Also sorry if this post came off as rude.


Either way, using CS:GO assets is illegal and morally wrong. We can debate back and forth about my wording of it but ultimately my point is valid. If you want, I’ll replace “stealing” with “taking without permission.”

Can you quote where I attacked them?

Nope. You took that out of context.

I said that @Im_FireFly has every right to spread as much positivity as he want. I stated that I don’t care if he spreads tons of positivity, it’s his choice and I don’t have any right to take that away.

I’m open to any advice people have on my posts. I simply didn’t find what he was suggesting needed. That’s all. Really not that deep.

That’s a bold claim. Can you quote where I insulted someone?

Literally said that, lol.

How would you suggest I be kinder?

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That’s not what you said. You came to me telling me to say unneeded things about their work which ultimately distract from my point.

I appreciate the criticism but you should probably take into account my original reply, stating that I WASN’T going to permanently use these models and they were just a stand-in until I did model some guns.

I don’t intend on permanently using Valve’s models and I never did. As I said, these are just temporary.

Once again, that does not take away from any of this:

Using temporary models is perfectly fine (obviously), but using other’s models is not. Find royalty free models online or maybe build a quick one out of 2-3 parts.

This is partly my fault, but when I found these models (from the Roblox toolbox, by the way) I did not realise that they were Valve’s models until you notified me of this, since the model pack was simply labelled as “Mesh guns”.

Initially I believed that these were not owned by a massive corporation and were just made by some random guy for everyone to use.

Also, games like CBRO use sounds and assets from CSGO and Valve don’t care. (Not saying this is right but jus letting you know)

I am currently learning to model so these guns won’t me used for much longer.

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Alright, that makes a lot more sense. Always be careful about the toolbox; a lot of assets in it are ripped from other games. It would probably be a good idea to do a quick check to make sure that the assets aren’t from somewhere else. Unknowingly using toolbox assets that are owned by someone else can still get you in trouble.

Only assets I used from the toolbox were the gun models, and anyway, I initially assumed that because they were there they had been checked for plagiarism and things like that, so they were legal.

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Yeah, I got that. I don’t blame you for being confused. Unfortunately, it seems that nothing (except for audio, which can be easily bypassed) is checked for copyright infringement.

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The animations are nice but could be improved on a lil bit

but overall its very nice to see someome to have a passion project that they work on for a long time.

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Yeah, I just checked and I’ve been working on it since about February. :smiley:

Poor guy posted this cool devlog and got a war in the comments over temporary models. :frowning: Anyway, really cool devlog this game looks really cool!


Somehow noticed that Glock fire doesn’t have slide Animation

i don’t know if this is rushing Animation but it could be better if you add it

It looks great, but as someone already said, the models are taken from csgo. I understand that you are early in development though. In addition, the animations feel really robotic. Add a bit more speed and make the arms and weapon sway as the mag is released and the slide/chamber is pulled.
Other that that, great work.

i like how some of the gun unlock ranks match the numbers of the weapon name

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Find my latest devlogs, I’ve revamped everything there

Also, play the game for more detail since that devlog is a bit outdated and I haven’t made one since [BETA] Operation: Strife - Roblox

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The zoomed in sights for the aug are a little inaccurate:

It isn’t illegal dude Valve literally encourages using their assets as long as you aren’t using it for commercial use. Which is why some of the greatest half life mods are able to become standalone titles. (CS:GO itself for reference)

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