FPS Game Devlog | #27 - Rank Unlock Guns, new round system, new map voting system, inspect animations, new guns, and more!

Quick disclaimer - please don’t tell me to move this to another category. I’ve posted devlogs multiple times in cool creations since they’re meant to be fun and interactive with the community pitching ideas as well as giving feedback and things like that.

Another 2 weeks, another update.
I got a lot more done in terms of game mechanics, and the game in general. Round system and map voting!

Comms server invite code :smirk: is 5pc3tb2Zab

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Round and Map Changing System

This feature has been in the works for a long, long time, and was needed for a long, long time, to make the game somewhat playable. It’s finally here.


• Each round lasts one minute and thirty seconds (although I will make this longer down the line).

• After the round ends, everything resets and you’re shown your kill/death count.

• Then a map voting UI pops up and shows a list of maps picked randomly from a table. If there are more than 0 votes, the map with the most votes gets loaded. If there are no votes a random map is picked.

Rank Unlock Guns

Yeah, just by reading the title you can probably figure out what this is.

Guns now have a rank requirement to unlock. Here’s the list as follows:

M16 - Rank 0
Glock 17 - Rank 0

MP7 - Rank 1

AUG A2 - Rank 2

P2000-S - Rank 5

M60 - Rank 6

UMP-45 - Rank 8

MAC-10 - Rank 10

FAMAS - Rank 13

P90 - Rank 15

Glock-18 - Rank 18

MG42 - Rank 21

M4A3 - Rank 24

Desert Eagle - Rank 28

M16A3 - Rank 31

PP-19 Bizon - Rank 34

SCAR-C - Rank 36

Five-Seven - Rank 39

M4A1 - Rank 41

AK47 - Rank 47

I will be giving permissions to get guns without having to unlock them to some people.

New guns

In-game description:
The M16 - the veteran of assault rifles. First used in the Vietnam War, it has spawned many different variants. It has moderate recoil, range and damage.

In-game description:
The M4A1 is an automatic variant of the M4 carbine. It is also technically classified as a carbine in real life.

In-game description:
The start of a legendary series - the Glock-17. It’s got low recoil, moderate damage and is used in police forces and militaries all around the world.

Other changes

• The P2000-S is now classified as the P2000.

• The Glock-18 is now automatic again.

• Fixed a rare bug where the game would freeze on shooting.

Added inspect animation (press H).

• New glock animations and models (both glock 17 and 18).

• Added @dominik4242’s prototype mall map.

Pics n stuff

Join my comms server on Discord (server invite code is 5pc3tb2Zab) if you haven’t already!

Credits for contributors and stuff

@YetiKing666 for building the office map in-game and constantly working on it as well lmao, also posting bug reports

@dominik4242 for building the mall map prototype

You can play the beta version here: Operation: Strife - Roblox

Feedback in the replies would be appreciated.

Join comms server: 5pc3tb2Zab


• Added @dominik4242’s prototype mall map.

@dominik4242 on Discord for working on an unreleased map and also for posting bug reports

working on an unreleased map

It has been a long time! I’ve waited for ages to see the next one :eyes:

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One thing I noticed is that these models aren’t yours. They’re ripped straight from CS:GO (With weird modifications like ripping out pieces and using parts to replace them, which I assume is because the model you got wasn’t game ready or something). That isn’t cool dude. Model your own guns.

His game


His game


Also, that M16 looks like it’s using a 20 round mag, yet it shoots 30 shots. You should fix that.


permission to get gun without unlock please

lol nice game finally another devlog

love it love it love it


you replied to the wrong person lol

temporary until i can be assed to model, theyre just here to stand in for now since i wanna get the actual game experience down before i start visuals

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This is incredible. Amazing work! If you aren’t busy, I would like some help on an FPS game coming up :smiley:

The Client Marker on the map seems to be inverted when looking left and right


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lower glock recoil by 15%
And it would probably be more usable

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I still don’t recommend stealing models from games. It’s not cool, and you can get in deep trouble. I mean Valve probably doesn’t care but that doesn’t mean you can take their assets and it doesn’t mean others won’t take action if you do the same to them.


Maybe congratulate on all the good things this developer has done!

There’s no need to distract from my point to congratulate the developer or add unnecessary amounts of positivity. He posted his work on the forum and I have every right to critique it as long as I’m not trolling or flaming. Constructive criticism does not equal praising the devs every five seconds.


And I have every right to be ‘Unnecessarily positive’

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Yeah, you do. Go knock yourself out, I don’t care. This isn’t about you. You came to me recommended I spread blind positivity. I didn’t go to you telling you to not congratulate the devs. Don’t get it twisted.

I’m sorry I’m not the kind of person to try and pat the dev on the back, telling them how good their game is when they’re stealing assets. My tone was perfectly fine. It wasn’t rude, and it didn’t break any rules.

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I don’t think you understand the point of feedback, which is actually giving the developer an idea of how he can improve an aspect of their creation, not “hey there are some things you might wanna change but look at how many great things you made”


I said his work is very good, And that is all I had to say, smh.

Insane job on this bro. Keep it up :fire:

OP has not made a single cent off of this, neither has op ”stolen the CS:GO assets”.

The accepted definition of stealing is
” take (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.”

First of all, OP was not the one ”stealing” the models, for all I or you know they could’ve taken the first gun model they got from the toolbox. Just shows how little base you have on you allegations.


and without intending to return it

Did OP plan to use the models in the final version? NO.

But of course, you ignored it, and continued claiming OP was stealing assets.

Ok! Let’s get legal. Britain is where OP lives, (this is public information, check their profile desc). Here’s the shortened version of the legal definition of stealing in Britain.

Theft is defined as the physical removal of an object that is capable of being stolen without the consent of the owner and with the intention of depriving the owner of it permanently”

Oh hey! My points match up.

I understand that you using the word “stealing” is most likely euphemism, but that is not a reason to attack OP over something obviously false.

This made me really chuckle a bit. The 2 sentences ago you wrote about not caring about @Im_FireFly’s opinion, when he just said “great work op” and tried to make you a bit more positive (once again, pointing out you’re not very kind in your words). I’m not going to continue this because I don’t want to have a debate about what is “rude” and what is not, but just keep in mind you probably should be a little kinder.

I still don’t recommend stealing models from games
Once again, not stealing.

I mean Valve probably doesn’t care but that doesn’t mean you can take their assets
Valve, do not care. Counter Blox, (which also has CS:GO assets fyi) is a nearly carbon copy of CS:GO but on roblox. It has thousands of players every day. Valve does not care. I doubt a random 1000 visit shooter with a couple temporary csgo models will change that. (Of course this doesnt mean you should steal).

In summary, don’t lie, don’t insult people, and try to keep the devforum a fun place, thanks.

I did not proofread this, it is probably riddled with spelling mistakes, apologies. Also sorry if this post came off as rude.


Either way, using CS:GO assets is illegal and morally wrong. We can debate back and forth about my wording of it but ultimately my point is valid. If you want, I’ll replace “stealing” with “taking without permission.”

Can you quote where I attacked them?

Nope. You took that out of context.

I said that @Im_FireFly has every right to spread as much positivity as he want. I stated that I don’t care if he spreads tons of positivity, it’s his choice and I don’t have any right to take that away.

I’m open to any advice people have on my posts. I simply didn’t find what he was suggesting needed. That’s all. Really not that deep.

That’s a bold claim. Can you quote where I insulted someone?

Literally said that, lol.

How would you suggest I be kinder?

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