Frame on scrolling frame size and position being wrong even if I used Autoscale lite

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    My text label is being wrong position n size

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    No, i haven’t seen any
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    What it looked like on my laptop

    what it looked like on Iphonee 4s

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Have you tried setting Size and Position into Scale? Offset usually messes up stuff if used on literally any other resolution than the developer made it on so try that.

If that doesn’t work look around the dev forum a bit or wait until someone else replies, good luck.

Example would be:

Size X: (5,0) – First digit is Scale, Second digit is Offset. –
Size Y (2,0) --Offset is usually defaulted in GUI’s so keep that in mind–

Sometimes Plugins dont work all the time so best you try it manually and see how that goes


Now that I think about it, this looks like you didn’t turn on scaled text.
Try turning that on and see if that works.

If that dont work then try scaling the textlabel

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I did turn it on its the size of the text label, not the text size

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So try scaling the label?
If it has a Size Property then it could potentially fix it.

Just do what my 1st comment told you to do on the TextLabel Object’s Size.

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Tbh Idk what you did to make the text display like that but it clearly isn’t working,
Maybe try a different Plugin for Scaling or do it Manually?

Personally haven’t had issues with this plugin myself in months though using the correct options are also important.

You’re not using CONSTRAINTS to resize your GUI for other devices correct?
To resize it you can use the Scale Option on Size and Position.

Maybe show us a screenshot of the Explorer where your parts are so we can make sure there isn’t any interfering parts?

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I did do it but never works maybe ill repost this topic

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I’m not using constraints


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Lua, can you tell me how u fixed it? I am having the same Issue.

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Are you using scale? It looks like the TextLabel is the same size on the phone and computer.

Have you tried changing the scale of CanvasSize of the scrolling frame?

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What do I change it to? I didn’t change it in a couple of ones and I did change in a couple of others.

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like I changed it so it would be like rotated and not to try to fix it.

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I am, That is not my images although I am having the same problem but it’s with an image label, I am using a plugin called PhotoBlox which is from a guy I saw using it on yt to keep his ui scaled, all of the rest of the ui works perfectly, just the stuff in the scrolling frames that doesn’t.

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What is the canvas size of the scrolling frame?

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Also this just happened, not sure if its the stroke or not, first img is normal, and second is Iphone:

make the y size smaller for the player name so it cant stack

Sorry, turning off text wrapped would be better.

Canvas size for that one is: {0, 0},{2, 0}

You’re sure the boxes in the trading box are scale? The rest of the gui looks fine.