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Frappe - Barista Expectations Guide


This guide will cover most of the things that the HRs expect out of the LRs that work here at Frappe.

General Expectations

At Frappe, we expect quite a bit from our LRs to maintain a high standard for everybody visiting the cafe, whether that be customers, admins or allied representatives. Firstly, it is required that grammar is used when you’re working behind the counter at the café and at all times when at trainings. Even though it’s not required when not serving at the café, we still require you to be mature at all times. Though it’s fine to have a joke about with your friends off-duty, make sure it does not get too far or out of hand. Secondly, it is expected that you have some sort of guide that you may use when interacting with customers who order from you. You need a positive and confident greeting when first introducing yourself, and even better, a detailed outro once you have finished your customer’s order. Please note that your greeting and outro do not need to be as detailed as the example below and you are free to personalise them as you please.


  • (Greeting): Greetings! Welcome to Frappe. My name is [username], and I will be serving you today. What would you like to order on this lovely day? (:
  • (Secondary Comment): That sounds lovely, would you like anything else?
  • (Third Comment): Wonderful! Give me a moment to prepare your order.
  • (Outro): Thank you for visiting Frappe, I hope you enjoy your order! Make sure to visit again! <3

Thirdly, if any trollers come up to your counter or you notice any other user trolling, we expect that you handle the situation maturely. This means not issuing warnings to the troller and not interacting/encouraging the troller, and then contacting the closest MR [Staff Assistant+] that is in-game. In the occurrence that an admin isn’t in the game, you may contact a SB or Security Personnel (if there are any available) to kick the troller. If you are unsure of whether to inform a customer to stop doing something first rather than immediately contacting an admin, please refer to the Warning Guide for more information regarding that.

Trainees are not permitted behind the counter at the café; this is so that you’re confident with how Frappé works on a basic level before you’re put behind the counter. If you wish to get a promotion up the LR ranks, you need to attend training sessions that are hosted daily. If you wish to know when these training sessions are scheduled, please read the Session Schedule guide for more information. Once you have reached the rank of Senior Barista, and if you wish to rank up to Staff Assistant, please read the Senior Barista Promotion Guide for more information.

We now allow customers with “safechat” to apply for the rank of Trainee. This would mean there are some members of our LR Team not able to comprehend all messages fully. A particular problem that arises by a worker with safechat includes them not being able to send or receive any form numbers, whether the number is typed out or just using numeral digits. A simple work-around of this is using phonetic spellings of numbers (e.g. “Order limit is three” > “Order limit is tree.”). We expect non-safechatters to help baristas with safechat whenever they can, so if anyone’s struggling, it’s only common decency to help them.

Finally, it is required that y’all always follow our Code of Conduct when at the café. Trolling of any sort, abusing your utility commands, or just in general not following our rules at Frappe will mean you being demoted to either Premium Customer or Awaiting Rank (PCBanned), depending on the severity of the situation.

If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned in this document, feel free to contact one of our Chief Staff Officers or above.

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