Free Anti Scam bot

Hello there!
Today I have released some pretty more advanced anti-scam bot for groups than the previous one published by @DutchDeveloper ( Scam Remove Bot ).

It is published on the github and pretty easy to use.

But before you boot your amazing defender…
How to run Bot

  1. install Node.js
  2. open the bot directory in the cmd using cd command
  3. type npm i request request-promise into the cmd
  4. edit your config.json file. Here are few my tips about doing that:
  • login_type - set it to either "Username" or "Email". It will tell the script, what are you attempting to log in with.
  • login - your login or email (depends on what you have chosen in the login_type)
  • password - your bot’s password
  • group - your group’s id
  • scan_delay - time between auto scans ( SECONDS * 1000 )
  • banned_words - words, which will cause the risk level to rise by 1
  • target_level - level, which user needs to reach to be awarded with ban
  • op_ranks - ranks above this number, will be protected from banning
  • ban_rank - rank number to ban (eg. 10) YOU NO LONGER NEED TO ENTER THE ROLESET ID FROM THE LINK
  • ban_message - ban message subject
    • subject - message subject
    • body - message body

Start your script with node index.js.

Bot will take awhile to scan old posts. It requires stable connection. If it breaks while this process, you need to restart the script to start from scratch (roblox api requires to scroll every page in the ascending order, because of the cursor system). It is prefered to run the initialization with very big scan_delay value to prevent multiple processes. After the primary scan, there shouldn’t be issues with the scan_delay set to 60 seconds.
TIP: Scanning 100 pages took about 63 seconds for me. Worked without any issues with group having 17k pages.

UPDATE 11/18/2018
Updated scripts, prevented double attempt to ban, introduced ban messages. Make sure to update your config as it’s format changed.

If you want to modify the script, it is very easy. You just need to modify the index.js. I have already prepared few basic methods (eg. banning user).


  1. This is my commission for @RuizuKun_Dev and he wished to publish it and make open-sourced.
  2. Project might be updated with few new methods eg. badges checking.

This bot works, but is no longer being worked on. If you prefer a live solution with a static uptime and a solid system, refer to Okwo . We give our best to maintain this bot, but we can’t promise to keep it updated everytime

Free to use, share, redistribute, modify and everything other.



Edit: Added note about installing the node.js and dependencies (to manage the requests to Roblox).


There a way to host it on a web app and clear scams on interval?

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  1. You probably can run it on heroku as every other NodeJS scripts.
  2. Posts currently clear on the interval (scan_delay property) and person is moved to the separated rank if triggered. However it is very easy to edit it to make it kicking (I guess I even had made a prepared method for that).
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Just used this program. Worked perfectly.

Dependency. Yea it is neccessary to send the http requests to the roblox so it is unlikely to work without that.

These improvements are incredible and extremely useful, DutchDeveloper should be redirecting to this forum!

Haha, but nice to see progress against scams by developers, have fun with this I know I will :smiley:

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UPDATE 11/18/2018

  • Updated scripts,
  • Introduced more banned_words examples,
  • Changed ban_role_id into ban_rank. It is no longer necessary to retreive the roleset id from group api. Script will catch it by itself.
  • Introduced ban_message - way to notify users about the ban and how to get back proper rank if user is human.
  • Removed scan wall status logs - please add it if wanted to

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Updated the noticement about the current state of the project.

PS: Gonna also include update log as edit here soon.

Hey! Apologies for the late response.

This message means that all is fine and the bot will now run every certain period and it just should be kept running!


I can’t really understand your post here.

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The bot doesn’t seem to remove posts when ran, is it supposed to delete them or only move them to a different role, or is it broken?

Based on what it is saying in the command prompt it is working, but nothing shows in the audit log and the bot does not appear to be online.

Are you sure the bot has proper permissions and you did enter a proper token?

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I was just browsing and saw this project. Great work! What is the ‘token’? Is it a cookie?

Yes, as long as the underscore is supposed to be in it. It also does have the permissions to. The users are not in the group anymore, can it still delete their messages? And if it can, what could be the issue?

It basically goes through all the names saying its banning them and then either stops or spews a weird delete message error thing. I’ll edit this once I get it again. It doesn’t appear to be online either.

The repo doesn’t exist. Fix it please

The bot was outdated and was no longer functioning due to updates in Roblox’s api; scams also don’t appear so often now I think? (At least not that sort of scams that the bot removed)

I created one which uses a self-trainer AI, when testing, I got 3/100 false positives after 17th test.

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