Free limiteds should not be claimable multipile times by the same user

This week, UGC limiteds launched and a few of them were set at the price of free as a promotion. Users were able to claim these limiteds upwards of 10+ times, preventing many people from claiming one. Free limiteds should be 1 per user and checked with funcaptcha to prevent alt bot accounts from claiming all of them, so that UGC creators can more easily spread free limiteds among users, rather than have them scalped.

This seems like an oversight of the feature, as old limiteds were 1 per person, and the new ones having multiple purchases seems to be so people can spend more robux on them, which is good, but when they are free it doesn’t make sense to allow.


I honestly don’t agree with this I think its entertaining to watch a limited go from 10k available to 0. Plus, why does it matter. And that 1 per person would ruin the economy.


Functionally taking as many as you want makes the most sense. But both as a creator and as a user, I think it could be more engaging to have them limited at initial sale in some way to prevent this. Maybe some kind of setting for the creator. It would also be awesome if creators could hand out assets from their experience in a way that the experience can control the distribution, and that the user can accept without it being jammed into their inventory.


Definitely agree.

With free UGC limiteds it makes sense to be limited to 1 per person to not reward malicious activity (macro/bot using), spam filling pages in inventory with one item and denying other people from also taking the item because of too many purchase requests.

Heck why not give the UGC creators the option to set a purchase quantity limit?

More people lose out on these free UGC items then those who gain something by allowing multiple free item copies per user. Why? Because so many people are simply not quick enough or are just unlucky due to factors out of their control.

Also please fix the “Invalid arguments” error too!


But also, there not normal Limited’s these are limited u so there are a limited amount and as such there should be no limit to how many should be owned because of such things as collectors like myself.


i have changed my opinion on this matter. I was just trying to purchase a limited U and it was saying “invalid argument” I didn’t get limited u so Maby 5 or so per person wouldn’t be such a bad thing but 1 per person would cause people to make alts to attempt to get more than 1 so that shouldn’t be a option.


I addressed that in my opening post by saying there should be a funcaptcha trigger for claiming free limiteds as to prevent such a thing.


UGC limiteds are a mess anyway.


I agreed, I don’t want bots to take all limiteds instantly, I never get one free UGC limited, and the funcaptcha is good for bots to not be able to get it, and I would get lots of UGC limiteds


I’ve never understood why you were able to price UGC limiteds as free to begin with.

I like the concept, but on paper if you make something free and allow ANY user to purchase it with a limited timeframe or some sort of stock, the issue of bots will arise.

I believe they should allow UGC creators to make normal, non-limited UGC items, free.
If roblox doesn’t want to provide free options for the younger audience of roblox, they should atleast allow them to do it.

I’m also shocked that they haven’t allowed UGC creators to reward players with hats for getting badges as well. It’d be cool to see what people would do with this feature.


i would have to agree i can never find what i want anymore.

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It seems that people will make alt with or without these changes. I myself was tempted to make a alt to make profit from these “free Limited’s”. In fact, I made the alt I had decided to not use it for the reason that i would be no Beter than people stealing from others.

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I think the real solution here is implementing a price floor on UGC limiteds. Will it be controversial? Probably. But it does not make any sense that limiteds can be made free yet regular items cannot be priced below 15 Robux. Almost all of the free limiteds are being claimed by nonpremium users, meaning they will likely never be resold. Free limiteds are ruining the entire concept of UGC limiteds.

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Agreed i’m about to renew my premium so i can resell limiteds and limited u. But the problem with reselling free things for like idk 15 robux would be like a scam cuz people had the option to buy it for free.

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I agree with this, What’s the point to making it free in hopes users get to hear about you as a creator when one bot account buys X copies for itself and scalps it one month later when people are able to sell them.


It won’t be a scam. A lot of valuable limiteds were free.


Yes but if u take into account that the last egg hunt has free thing that r now limiteds u still had to work to get the eggs. Unlike these were people r just boting limited for selfish reasons to make profit.

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You literally said the reason why it isn’t a scam in your last reply, HAD the option to buy it for free.


Cannot state how much this would be useful. After running some tests, here is the data I discovered about a free limited released with 15,000 quantity.

Here is a breakdown of how many of the free item each player obtained:
Just 1: 1024
2-5: 2093
6-10: 726
10+: 138
Total Sold: 14995
Unique Buyers: 3981

More people obtained 2-5 than just one!
This was the opposite of what we intended releasing a free limited.
Let us control the max quantity each user can purchase before they sell out.


I do and do not agree, i think if youre fast enough you should be able to get more than just one, so you are able to get a few robux out of it.

What I think though is that it’s not fair that people are using bots to literally SPAM buy the limited, it’s first of all unfair and annoying.

Roblox should maybe add a safety feature there so that it’s at least harder to use bots! (Maybe add verification or other stuff) at least on the free ugc’s!