Free limiteds should not be claimable multipile times by the same user

I completely agree that they should add a fun captcha, but they should also add it on normal limited too. If you didn’t know some people have bots that snipe limiteds when a user sells them for 1 Robux, so it would prevent 2 problems.

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There is also a bug with massive UGC limited quantities being released. For example, the owner of Catalog Avatar Creator decided to release a massive amount of a “free limited”, and players were running into errors when buying it. This was also used to exploit other limiteds that the user could purchase for free, at the same time I was selling one of my limiteds and it literally just vanished and I got 0 pending Robux. Contacted ROBLOX, and they literally also vanished after they said they forwarded me to technical support.

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roblox announced the ability to lock the amount of a limited one user can purchase and the ability to force players to only be able to buy limiteds in-game. this feature request is basically implemented, awesome!


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