Marketplace: Our Vision and Guiding Principles

Hi Creators,

In hearing your feedback from our recent announcement of Limiteds for the UGC Program and the first installment of the Creator Roadmap, we want to share our long-term vision for Marketplace, how we are iterating towards this vision, and announce new Limited features coming next week.

Our Vision

Long-term, we are building an economy where anyone can create, sell and earn on our platform. In 2022 alone, 1.8 billion total avatar items were sold on the platform making the Marketplace a critical part of the Roblox economy and how creators earn.

We want to continue to create the right economic systems for our Marketplace that empower creators of all sizes to build sustainable businesses while promoting healthy market dynamics between all stakeholders.

We ground our vision in a few principles:

Our economic systems should mirror the real-world

A lot of the decisions we make are based on economic theory, and over time, when possible, our economy should reflect real-world economies that are able to sustain growth and create optimal opportunities for people to earn and benefit. The introduction of scarcity is an example of this, where giving creators more control over the supply of their items enables innovation and can drive more demand.

Everyone in the community should be able to participate in our economy

By the end of the year, anyone on our platform will be able to create items, including personalized avatar bodies and heads, and publish them to Marketplace. For years, the UGC Program has served as the backbone of the community and as we open up the ability to create to everyone, we are committed to being extremely thoughtful in our approach. For example, we will be opening up creation only to creators that we can verify and are in good standing. Policy violations will be tied to verified accounts, creating accountability and deterring creators from releasing content that doesn’t align with our Community Standards. We are also looking into ways to disincentivize duplicative content surfacing on Marketplace.

We build the systems, but place as many controls as possible in the hands of the community

We will strive to let the community have control over the systems we create while balancing incentives that promote a healthy marketplace. We believe giving more controls allows creators to innovate and earn in ways that work for them. For example, just like in the real world where creators and sellers can control the location and quantity of items purchased per person, we are giving creators more control with the addition of the in-experience only sales location for Limiteds and controls to set the quantity and limit the original copies purchased per user.

Our economic systems will be dynamic and actively respond to market conditions

With supply and demand being dynamic on our platform, the systems we build need to be dynamic as well. Just like the real world, we expect our systems will be constantly optimizing for healthy marketplace dynamics that allow more people to create, earn and sell. By regularly changing incentives, such as publishing fees or price floors, we can be more responsive to market conditions and help balance supply and demand.

Iterating towards the long-term

With the vision and principles in mind, each new feature is a step towards the long-term. We intentionally leave room for iteration so we can listen to the community’s feedback. We also know that sometimes this means sharing a product early with the community, even if all the features are not available yet.

New Limited features!

We are excited by the early traction we’ve seen with UGC Limiteds. In less than 30 days, ~50% of all Limiteds on the platform are from the community and 60% of people who have purchased Limiteds have never owned Limiteds before. We want to continue to build on this momentum, and as a first step, we wanted to share some new Limited features that will launch on Tuesday, May 30th. These recent updates are based on the feedback we’ve heard to date:

New In-Experience Only Sales Location:

  • We are adding a new Sale Location option for UGC Limiteds to give you more control. Creators will now be able to set their items to be acquirable in-experience only for the original stock. Since these transactions are happening in-experience, the experience Developer will receive a 40% share of the purchase.

Creator controls how many original copies people can purchase:

  • As we continue to build our systems, giving creators more control is central to our development. We’ve heard from the community that they want more control over how many copies of an item someone can buy. We are introducing a new creator-facing setting to control how many copies of your original stock you want your users to be able to acquire.

Removing price ceilings for Limiteds

  • We are removing price ceilings for Limiteds to give our creators the ability to price their Limiteds at what they believe is the current market value.

Group publishing

  • Rolling out the ability for groups to publish Limiteds, just like they can for non-limiteds.

Additional features we have already released:

  • The ability for users to buy UGC Limiteds from a developer’s experience, either through the Avatar Inspect Menu or the MarketplaceService API), to help give experience developers another way to earn from affiliate sales.

  • Bringing sales history charts to UGC Limiteds to close feature parity with other Limiteds.

  • Giving buyers more options, just like in the real world, to buy an item from the original creator or from a reseller regardless of which seller provides the lowest price.

  • A little over a month ago, we shared how we are Taking Action on Copies of Roblox-Created Limiteds. Since then, we’ve seen a 99% drop in reported copies of Roblox-created Limiteds.

What’s next

Over the past 10 years, we’ve been regularly making Roblox-created Limiteds. With the announcement of opening up Limiteds to the community, we no longer plan to publish Roblox-created Limited items on a regular basis as we always strive to be a platform that serves the community; this means creators will not have to compete with new Roblox-created Limiteds and more earnings go to the community.

As Manuel and Dan mentioned when announcing the new Roblox Creator Roadmap, product development is complicated, and we may shift our strategies or direction from time to time.

Going forward, we will strive to give the community as much notice as possible before rolling out new features. Later this year, we plan to share more details on how we plan to open up the Marketplace to everyone in a way that maintains our values and respects the community.

Building the economic systems that give more people the ability to create and earn is a tall order, but we are energized by this challenge and truly believe that we can continue to help creators build sustainable businesses on the platform.

Thank you and please continue to share your feedback.



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I’m super impressed by how responsive the team has been to feedback regarding UGC limiteds, and even more impressed how fast action is being taken to incorporate that feedback.

I am curious about one topic touched on in the original thread though

Price floors have been an ongoing issue with regular, unlimited UGC, does this hint at some of our concerns finally being addressed? Specifically with troublesome problems regarding price cutting by uploading items in the wrong categories to take advantage of the cheaper price floors.

Feedback such as unifying the price floors across all accessory types would resolve this issue completely.

bonus question(s) unrelated to the one above:
do creators still have only 1 limited slot a day? how does this work with groups?

can you pay for group limited upload fees with group funds?


This has both negative and positive aspects… I really enjoyed the events of old (offsale) Roblox exclusives going limited for people to be able to acquire their dream accesoires… I have wanted workclock headphones for example for years. So my hopes had gotten up.
I understand this point-of-view, though I bet a lot of people will be disappointed after this official statement.
I personally value (tradeable) classic limiteds made by Roblox a lot more than UGC creators’ limiteds. They provide no value for me.


Excited to see these new features for UGC limiteds, though are there plans to ever publish Roblox-created limiteds again (even if not on a regular basis)? We were told that all items would likely eventually become limited at some point, so I’m curious if this is still true, or if they’re likely to die as permanent off-sales.


While its great to see some transparency, the marketplace team has ignored feedback from developers including myself (, we have still yet to receive any response from our officially set-up focus group regarding UGC limiteds, and we do not have a direct channel of communication in the UGC guilded.

This announcement is great, but transparency should have been established long before this in the beginning, and directly to developers with queries (much like other departments on the devforums), unlike a blanket announcement that we still haven’t received an official announcement from within the UGC guilded.


While seeing more features added to improve the UGC limiteds system is nice I can’t help but still believe much improvement is needed in some areas, the 30 day holding period is still ludicrous and even if it exists merely to be able to moderate items and refund those purchases that still leaves the option to remove the escrow from people buying after this period. The tax of 50% is still way too high and will either lead to stupid amounts of inflation from people being required to sell for atleast double in order to recoup costs, let alone profit, or will just lead to lack of interest in UGC limiteds over time. Both of which would be unsustainable. Please reduce this tax.


Hearing this is a little sad as there are really old roblox items that are locked away due to them being offsale. I would really love to eventually have all currently offsale roblox items turned limited so that players can also enjoy older items that we missed the chance to get. This may already be planned, but this would be something I would really love to see.


Extremely excited about the in-experience only sales location feature for UGC Limiteds. I do have one question about it that would like some further clarification, however:

If we are to make our UGC limiteds in-experience only, will we have the option to disable purchasing from the Avatar Inspect Menu? For instance, if someone makes a event in their game, or something similar to the Egg Hunt events, with multiple free limiteds with high stock, and they want to reward those limiteds through the completion of a quest, puzzle, etc, they would use MarketplaceService API to prompt the purchases but need to have the purchasing in the Avatar Inspect Menu disabled.


What about the 50% tax rate when reselling? Will this number ever be changed? I feel like it’s currently to high… Maybe 40%?


I’m really looking forward to these features, now if only I was accepted into the ugc program… Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


Our economic systems should mirror the real-world

A lot of the decisions we make are based on economic theory, and over time, when possible, our economy should reflect real-world economies that are able to sustain growth and create optimal opportunities for people to earn and benefit. The introduction of scarcity is an example of this, where giving creators more control over the supply of their items enables innovation and can drive more demand.

ah yes, artificial scarcity, famously effective and useful in the real world


I really like this. This makes me feel better knowing that not everyone will be able to upload to the marketplace.

And it also makes me happy knowing that some great people can join and create on the marketplace, without having to go through the process of getting in the program.

It also means I’m kinda wrong… Woops


This is not a good idea, as Roblox limiteds are the only form of tradable items on the platform. One of the main reasons to even own a limited is for it’s ability to trade it. Unless they make UGC limiteds tradable I don’t believe this is a good idea, especially for the longevity of the platform.


The truth is that it is a good change that is needed for the limited UGC, although I am not sure if it is a good idea to remove the maximum prices for the limited ones since almost nobody or nobody buys them due to their high price, this only works in the limited ones. limited items created by roblox.


I can’t wait to see what people will cook up with these updates


This. There are a significant number of incomplete collections such as Blue Clockwork Headphones going limited whilst the Red version is still offsale. Not to mention plenty of reskins of current limiteds are offsale too.


Will anything be done about the massive copyright problem in the marketplace? There are massive amounts of copyrighted anime items, copyrighted items from TV shows, even copyrighted items from Mario and other Nintendo games.


Quick clarification question about this: is this “API” talked about in this section the current marketplace API? The :PromptPurchase(), or can we use a different API that can only be accessed on the server. It is a security concern if we implement UGC Limiteds locked behind game events, and they are able to be accessed regardless if a client prompts the purchase.


It is the copyright owners responsibility to DMCA/take action against their IP, not Roblox’s.