Free Logging Service?


I was wondering if any of you know a free logging service. If possible, it would be nice if the logging service is accessible on mobile. I’m currently using Discord webhooks, but I’m affraid about going over the rate limits and having my account terminated.

I am planning to do mass logging for my games, which is why I’m kind of scared about getting terminated. Those mass logs include but aren’t limited to server stuff (when they open, close, providing their job id, etc), when remote events are fired (which event, by who, etc), remote functions invoked (which function, by who, etc), and plenty of other sutff. Please, don’t ask me why I want to log all of that.

I already looked up for similar threads, but none of them had an actual solution that suits my needs, and maybe with the time one of you could know a great one. For example, Trello isn’t suitable as it isn’t really a logging service and as I am planning to do mass logging, the board is going to be really really laggy due to the amount of created cards. As for Sentry, I believe it’s more of an error logging service than a logging service. GameAnalytics was a great discovery, but it’s an analytic service, not a logging one, I did try to set up custom events in it, but the result wasn’t great at all. About MySQL, well, I’m absolutely not experienced in that kind of stuff, I just began to learn abotu web development. If any of you has an easy tutorial about it though, I’d be more than happy to see it. (couldn’t find one)

Thanks in advance!

I don’t believe you will get terminated for mass logging using a Discord bot, for webhooks…

You actually can. I’ve recently seen in the forum somebody posting screenshots of them getting an e-mail from a Discord staff member telling them that error logging with webhooks wasn’t allowed. The e-mail said that if they continue, their account will get terminated, their webhook got deleted as well. I can’t seem to find that post back, but if I do, I’ll link it by editing this current post.

Roblox doesn’t seem to allow it as well:

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They no longer ban roblox webhooks.

That is from August 2017.

It is now outdated.

It’s from 3rd January. (my devforum is in french, but janv. (janvier) means january)

I am talking about the article above that. Also for that one, if you read the replies. The user was not filtering the content sent to the Discord Webhook. Which is why it happened.

Oh, apologies. Well, I’m still scared of getting a game review, though.

You definitely won’t! Discord Webhooks are a great way to log requests. Many scripters use these.

As @ishqpyari has said roblox no longer bans/removes discord webhooks and they are currently in my opinion the best and most reliable way to log game events. I have been using them to log admin commands in my game since mid 2019 and to date I have had no issues with them despite it being 200+ logs per day.
I would suggest sticking with webhooks as they are honestly a lifesaver

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Alrighty, thanks a bunch you two for your time! @ishqpyari @topdog_alpha If I really have no other solutions, then I’ll go for Discord.

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Discord webhooks are nothing to be scared of. You should probably use them as they are one of the most preferable options.

No problemo,
Regarding discord in general as far as I’m aware Roblox only dislikes discord when you advertise links in games so as long as your not doing that you should be fine!

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Discord banning webhooks is a different circumstance to what you’re allowed to use them for. Discord is not a logging service and using it that way is against their Terms of Service. They have the right to reject your game’s servers from using webhooks if they see you are misusing it, which is what happened for Roblox as a whole because of gross misuse of webhooks.

Do not use Discord. Choose another option. By using Discord to log, you are effectively breaching their Terms of Service and acknowledging that your access to their services can be revoked at any given time. Your Roblox account nor game won’t be in any jeopardy though, at the very least.

(cc @topdog_alpha @ishqpyari)

There was a recent post you can read up on for some ideas, although not all options are free:


Sentry allows non-error logging as well. It’s the perfect option for all kinds of logging in my own opinion, though it does have its costs. If you’re still a student, you can try claiming the GitHub Student Pack which contains a Sentry offer of 500K logs/month for free while you’re a student. I think I mentioned this in the above linked thread.


Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks a bunch for letting me know! I will be opting for Sentry.

As far as I can tell it is not against discord rules to use webhooks as a logging service. I have read the following documentation and from what I can tell it does not mention that it is banned to log via webhooks.

If you could link me to your source stating that discord bans the use of webhooks as a logging service I would greatly appreciate it so I can brush up on their terms.

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Check in on this thread:

This is from 2018 when Discord silently blanket banned Roblox’s UserAgent from sending requests to its (webhook) APIs due to gross misuse and invalid requests being sent. As you can tell, these often come from logger services and other free resources that were not properly set up or were erroring and presenting Discord with non-2xx (success) status codes.

Not everything needs to be written down in paper to be given a black or white statement of “this is allowed” or “this is not allowed”. Common sense is applicable. This is not just a Discord-only thing, this is applicable to any platform, site or service: you’re expected to use it for its intended purpose. Discord’s purpose is not for logging, especially not en masse like in OP’s case. Obscure or minor cases aren’t so harmful, but there’s a point you reach where it’s blatantly obvious that you’re abusing Discord’s webhook service because of its “convenience”.

Proper services, such as Sentry, are intended for mass logging and provide tooling so you can better analyse, manage and address the logs you receive.