[Free] Low-Poly City Asset Pack

Hello, I have created a free low-poly city asset pack that includes 14 models. This pack made in 2 hours.
You can download the kit by clicking here, please don’t forget to leave a like :slight_smile:

This Pack Includes;
• 3 City Signs
• 2 Trash Cans
• 2 Traffic Lights
• Sidewalk Kit (4 models)
• Street Light
• Bench
• Manhole Cover

How to Use Sidewalk Kit?

You can do this by using this kit. Easy, quick, optimized and clean solution.

While turning, you’ll use 3 of the parts:

And if you aren’t going to turn, you can just scale up the road. It won’t be effect much to the optimization:

As you can see here, it is one part.

Also, I recommend you to use Archimedes while using this kit. If you don’t know how to use it, here’s a tutorial.
Thanks for reading and using the kit, don’t forget to leave a like!


Thank you, I can see this helping many beginning developers. :smile:

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