Free Motivation Booster V2 [PLUGIN]

Game Developer Helper V2


new changes:

  • Settings Option
    - Gives Motivation based on patterns of behavior
  • Customize Image on block
  • Customize block shape
  • Hide Block


  • gui doesn’t get displayed when you play your game in live sevrer nor does it display in roblox testing.



Customize the appareance with settings


Hide GUI if its in the way

Having trouble with something? Not anymore!

Gain a friend to help you game development. This plugin greatly increases your moral, spirit, and will make your game development so easy.

Just download the plugin and it will fix all your problems!


What do you think of the plugin?
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  • Needs work…
  • I hate it!

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I think you forgot to add the link?

thanks for telling me. I included a download and the plugin is free. let me know if you enjoy using it as I spent a lot of time on it.

Its not a bad plugin, believe me, but for it to be something I wanna use. It needs work
I would like more features on this because it looks like words of encouragement, but free

One question:

Can you explain this? This can blow my mind.

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Can you please move the part UI to CoreGui? Everyone will get it when they join at a live server, coregui stops that

I think it just checks for when items are added/properties are changed (via .ChildAdded and .Changed).

Probably minor/major memory leaks because it keeps track of every item added, and never gets rid of it so it can check for changes.

It goes off what you select (it says patterns in behavior)

this is not true. You should check the script before spreading harmful misinformation.

I don’t think we are able to access coregui and if we did then there would be virus plugins putting malicious stuff in there and you couldnt delete it.

as for your claim that

you should read my post where it states

you can access coregui in plugins, how many plugins do put items in coregui?

I’m not going to check the source code, but since you haven’t said how you check when “patterns” occur. So it’s safe to assume that’s how you do it.

Unless you say how you do it, and it’s different than how I said you did it, that’s the best assumption.

How does .ChildAdded cause memory leaks?

Without them ever being disconnected? Yeah, over time that will consume more and more memory as it waits for properties to change/be created, causing an overflow of memory, and crashing studio.

There isn’t another way that I can think that they can look for “patterns” anyway, so that’s most likely what they do. And since they need to “look for patterns”, they have basically an infinite amount of data that will crash studio.

Oh, I think I get what you’re saying. If it calls ChildAdded for every individual object, then it will leak. I knew that, but I assumed you meant a single ChildAdded connection for workspace.

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You can use Widgets, that’s the only way of accessing it
(Also Plug-Ins already access CoreGUI)

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after looking at the plugin code, it just uses the Selection service to find the instance type you have selected, then gives a quote based on those from a table, simple code but could use some work

Is it alright if i clean the plugin up?

A bit funky you make the ui in the plugin when you can make it once and just make a widget and store it in CoreGui


sure you can clean the plugin if you want. I make UI inside the plugin because I don’t know the plugin api