Free Posterize/Dithering Effect

i changed my graphics mode to different settings including Direct3D11, and it all looks the same. Strange.

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I have managed to reduce the colors even more. Should i put this as a seperate version to the current post?


with future lighting.


How do we control the colour depth / the amount of colours used?

There isn’t much customizability. You should add settings or variables for us to tinker with.


this just makes my screen complete white.

the results are actually fairly unpredictable, sorry about that. there’s no certain ratio I can add to make sure the effect can be intensified due to how it is set up.

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thats odd… are you using any certain lighting technologies or exposurecompensation?


i think the exposure compensation changed the color of the neon part, as that is used to keep the constrast balanced. you can try playtesting and lowering the brightness of the colorcorrection while the posterize effect is running, then adjust the script accordingly.

i’ll try testing my script in these lighting settings and make a fixed version when i get back home if that doesn’t work.

i’m getting the same thing you are.

i’m guessing roblox did something to the lighting idk

are you on a windows? i speculate that this is just what the effect looks like on windows.

got it into a working state though it is insanely laggy

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and it does weird things with depth of field

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I’m not really sure why it’s laggy tbh… it’s a colorcorrection and a part in front of the camera. but the depth of field really just baffles me, as the part is already as close to the camera it could be.

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It just white

there’s a paragraph in bold on the top of the post for a reason

yes, i’m on windows.


Is there any way to get rid of the gray circle overlay effect around the screen?

Tried deleting every lighting effect in my game, but it’s still there,
I notice that for some people it doesn’t occur at all,
This is the newest script.


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This happens because of the part that is in front of the camera. You can try to mess with the size of it or just DECREASE FOV.