Free Posterize/Dithering Effect

fov is at 120 in this screenshot
tried to mess with the size but nothing works lol

Maybe you can try shape or something? Since the FOV is 120, you might try using some other shape that manages to make sure that the part covers the entire FOV. I’m not too sure though.

my bad, i meant decrease fov.

its because of the nearplane of the camera. either decrease fov or put part more forwards.
at the end of the day, you are using a hack for this lighting effect so its not gonna be perfect and honestly shouldn’t be used.

the part is actually as close to the camera as it can be, and any closer it just clips through. I did use forcefield for this though, as forcefields on negative transparency have more accurate colors then neon parts, which causes those inconsistencies from the older parts of this thread.

I found another way to posterize that does not require a script.

It just uses the color correction effect alone, nothing else.

Just set tit color to a very high value and make sure contrast and brightness are a negative setting.
This is the quickest and easiest way to do it without any scripts or trickery.

(Ignore saturation, it’s set to -3 because I have another post process effect that stacks on top of it.)

The outlines are just a highlights object with these settings.


although it works, the effect isn’t very pleasant to look at and it isn’t very powerful.

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hello! I have implemented a fix and other FOVs should now work with the effect.

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There’s an alternative method that works too but for that you gotta set the fog color of Lighting service to a very high value.

The downside to this however is that you won’t be able to use mist or atmosphere in your game anymore.

game.Lighting.FogColor =, 2000, 2000) -- Try different values higher than 1000.
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that’s the effect everyone had already been using previously. It is also the hack that is most notable and the reason why I made this effect in the first place.

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I have run into a bug where the part stays after a player dies, leaving a weird floating grey screen in the air wherever their camera last was when they respawned.

How would I go about fixing this?

I’m a beginner scripter so I’m sorry I don’t know the solution to this simple problem :sweat_smile:

Edit: I found a simple solution, I just set it so the part doesn’t anchor in the script.

do you have it stored in StarterPlayerCharacter (don’t)?

that isn’t supposed to happen… it changes the position to wherever the player camera is. there is no new part. maybe you have an old version? (both old and new versions in the post are working as of now)

I just use the model provided in the Roblox marketplace.

do you have any special things that affect the player’s vision? (e.g. real-time viewportframes)

Nope. I can provide an example place later, as right now I’m troubleshooting my Roblox not wanting to start.

when you can, please provide a place file so i can see the problem.

It also happend to me

(i used the new one)

A popular game called “cart ride for corndog” uses this effect in-game. It is made of 2D sprites and they are rotational which I think is very cool! Go check it out!


Seems cool, could be useful for making a horror game!

What settings did you have to reduce the colors here? I’m using the most recent script and there are too many colors in the sky in my opinion.