Free Private Servers and Game Sorts Updates!

Holy macaroni, this Top 10 sort is amazing! The game sorts feel perfect where they’re at, and its much easier find new and exciting games.

Only thing I would say is that the Featured sort could be a bit higher, at least above Learn and Explore, other than that, superb job, Roblox!

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Does the Most Engaging sort take into account the average play time across all places under a game? Because our game, and a lot of other similar games, have the starting place as a lobby and then players get teleported to other places where they’ll spend most of their time. (Also not a huge problem, but hopefully in the future, there can be a solution to not count the starting place average play time if it’s a lobby. I’m not sure if there’s a universal solution to this, but something to mention).


If that means that you might take our opinions on what we as developers want as a sort, maybe this thread I made previously may help:


im sorry if this is off topic but how could you do that to VIP servers, he was your loyal but complicated gold digging bff and you are just replacing him with someone more private, jokes aside great update


What we mean by this is that we are accepting game submissions for Learn & Explore (if it meets the criteria) and Rthro sorts.

Unfortunately, we’re not taking sort requests at this time.


Unfortunately, showcase games don’t generally do well on sorts regardless of their position. A while back, when featured was up in the higher rows of the game page. I featured I think about 3 really well-built showcase games but they never made it over 20 concurrent players.

They’re super cool showcases and I still encourage people to make them and I definitely think Roblox should promote them somehow but the majority of the community only really want to play games with some type of gameplay, so I don’t think making a sort would be the right route for this particular type of game.


Switching the name of VIP Servers to Private Servers is a great change and it’s good to see that feedback from the community was listened to.

The new sort order is nice too although the criteria for “Most Engaging” seems to be a mystery. I assumed it was based on visit length but the sort contains games ranging from 10 minute visit lengths to 30 minutes.

Also, I agree with TheAmazeman that the Top Rated sort needs to be fixed. Not only are games seemingly manually curated now, but games that fail to reach 5,000 concurrent players are being quietly being removed from the sort, causing it to become yet another Popular sort. Basically every showcase and paid access game that relied on Top Rated have no hopes of reaching that kind of arbitrary goal.

Overall good changes, and hopefully the issues with Top Rated are addressed eventually as they have been going on for almost two months now.


I love how you guys at Roblox are listening to the community

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Same bruh :frowning:
RTHRO, Featured, Learn And Explore and Play Together should be moved up MUCH higher.
recommended for you has not helped out my game at all :confused:


Not only that theres games without even RTHRO enabled like Bad Business in the sort, which directs attention away from our games. We can’t really complain though Roblox gave us these opportunities.


This is soooo good thank you Roblox :slightly_smiling_face:


Love this update, thing is, i would like to continue selling it, but what i never understood is why i have to pay for a vip server in my own places…


This update is actually great for people who don’t have Robux and who that don’t waste Robux on Private Servers! Thank you, @Roblox.

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Nice, I hope my favorite game goes free too

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I like the name change to Private Servers a lot, and although I like the new front page sort order I don’t see a reason why we need “Popular Worldwide” considering it’s just “Popular” with a different name.

Roblox just dug a grave in every sense of the word for Featured and Learn & Explore. Disappointing not gonna lie.

Featured is not really featured at this point in my opinion.

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I have to agree that featured sort is an important sort that needs to on the top like the 5th.

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Since you decided to rebrand “VIP Servers” to “Private Servers”, would you maybe consider rebranding “Game Passes” to something more widely used such as “Extensions” or “Add-ons”?

This update really did a good job on fixing up the game sorts abit and adding the ability to make private servers free! Im gonna play around with private servers abit and see what i can do.

My thoughts:

  1. Remove Popular Worldwide and Popular Among Premium because they’re very redundant. Popular Among Premium also makes you seem very greedy. Plus it’s just a bunch of anime games that Top Rated and Most Engaging already covers. It may also be less strenuous on servers.

  2. I don’t see much of a point for free VIP servers (yes I’m still calling them that cuz it’s easier.) To devs it’s just a money loss. I still get 3-4 vip server sales every day even though they’re 10 robux. Another point is that people already called VIP servers ‘Private Servers’. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal about changing one word?

  3. Get rid of the Rthro sort. I’ve noticed games become a ton wonkier when they force Rthro. No one even uses this sort and actually it detracts older players from playing the game. (This is only bad because older players are more likely to spend money.) Plus, only a slim minority of players like Rthro and use it unironically.

  4. Reorganize the sorts, this is what I think would be the best for users finding their favorite game:

Recommended For You
Most Engaging
Top Rated
Learn and Explore
Play Together

I purposely left out the categories I felt unnecessary. These are just my thoughts. I think the Roblox players would really enjoy this.