Roblox Should Add a "Discovery" Sort on the Games Page

What I mean by a sort are these things:

Basically, Roblox only has so many sorts, that, in a sense are basically useless. Why? Because most of the things such as Popular, Popular Among Premium, Popular Worldwide, and many others display the exact games, which goes against the purpose of having these categories. The only sort that is unique is the bottom-most sort called, “Up-and-Coming”, but those games seem to be more popular, too.

Many new developers have a hard time getting on to the front page without ads and sponsors, and many of them cannot afford them. I’m proposing the idea of adding a “Discovery” sort at the bottom of the page, which displays unpopular games that have a concurrent player count under 30 - 50. But, wouldn’t more than a million games fit into this category? True, it would, but there are some variables to consider:

  1. The developer can set if the game that they chose can be displayed on that sort
  2. The developer must have a minimum time spent on Studio
  3. The game has a minimal amount of visits (50 - 100+), and a maximum (10k - 25k)
  4. The user has a verified account, with at least a minimum of x days old
  5. Games with change every hour or so

Of course, there could be more but these are just examples.

This would help Roblox promote a wider variety of games that people want to play because, as of now, Roblox is centred around simulators and roleplay games and a tinge of obby flavour here and there, but that’s it.

Genres such as RTS(Real-Time Strategy) games are almost non-existent, and original games are overshadowed by the big games. Many people don’t even use the search bar, because, when you search for something that is not on the front page, bam, worlds that have 0 visits with just a baseplate.

This feature would help developers a lot,

Thank you


This sounds like a more diverse Recommended tab, which would really help smaller devs pick up some steam!

And yeah, it’s pretty ironic that it has the name “Up-and-Coming” yet it’s at the bottom of the sort for me. :sweat_smile:


Yes, a really better recommended sort.

I’m a small developer, so I totally support this, and if this is added, maybe you might see my game on that sort :eyes:


Couldn’t agree less. Roblox overall needs these things. I feel like newer games don’t get enough attention. Like what if we had a category for newer games only? Roblox also needs more uses for game genres. I remember there being a search by genre filter. How come that got removed?