[FREE-TO-USE] EXP Bar I made

Greetings, Developers!

A bit ago, I was creating a UI used for EXP. I decided to give it away to the community as I believed others may use it! Now I will state that I am not the best, however I want to help the community to my fullest, therefore, please enjoy the UI if you use it. I will make a separate post for feedback on the UI, which I will link here when I make it.


If you like the UI, below is the PSD file which you can use to get it!

PSD File

UIforuse.psd (1.4 MB)

NOTE: This UI is not stolen, it is based off of GFX Comet’s tutorial UI video. Don’t come at me saying I stole it when I never did.

I hope you all have pleasure with developing! If you choose to us this UI, thank you very much! It helps me succeed as a developer that my creations can help others with their games.

Music UI: [FREE-TO-USE] Music GUI (Button being added soon)
(No button to it, yet.)

Thanks for checking my UI out!


I recommend putting the UI in an uncopylocked place. Also, I could be wrong because I’m not an expert on UI designing, but, I think the Parts need to be drawn separate from each other.


It is one-hole UI, it is not seperate parts. There are multiple parts to make the UI, however they are to be either grouped or exported as one.

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Mmm how would I use a psd file in roblox studio?

Kind-Of no point in releasing this if you’re gonna make it a living hell to export via separate images…

I shall make it one part so it can be uploaded!


Version 1.2

  • UI is now one part so it’s easier to export

File: UIforuse.psd (1.4 MB)

You can search up videos on Youtube on how to export PSD files to studio.

The UI overall could be completely redone with several ways of improvement.

  1. You could use the Roundify plugin and roundify some aspects of the UI.
  2. Change the colors around, the color scheme doesn’t match whatsoever
  3. Remove the username part of the UI.
  4. Make this a .rblxl or .rbxm file. Other files are untrusted, and we cannot confirm that it doesn’t have viruses. You can also save this as a model and make it purchasable.
  • I am :sparkles: well concerned :sparkles: on why this file is 1.4 MB for a small piece of User Interface. This should be about 200KB or less? I’m afraid there’s a chance that this is a virus.

It’s a PSD file, meant to be opened in Photoshop and exported before using it in Roblox

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This is a PSD file, meaning you are able to open the PSD file and change anything you want out of it.

I understand, however. It is multiple parts merged. It can’t be a virus if it was made out of Photoshop.

I feel sus it’s a PSD file only little it should be safe but wouldn’t you think it be suitable uploading it to the roblox catalogue?

If I did that, nobody would be able to edit to their liking.

PSD is a photoshop file have you thought about the people who haven’t got photoshop just curious.

I’ve got paint.net but yeah not everyone can afford it.

Just a friendly heads up :blush:

You can open PSD files on https://photopea.com

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Indeed you can. Meaning the people who don’t have photoshop can open it here.