Free Websites And Apps To Make Fast And Easy Thumbnails/Game Icons

Free Websites To Make Fast And Easy Thumbnails/Game Icons


Hello everyone! Today I want to share a some Websites and apps that help with Thumbnails and Game Icons. Some of these i personally use and found by myself, and others are often suggested by other users. Most of these are really easy to use and require little to no past experience. I hope you find these websites and Apps useful in your journey through Roblox. Enjoy the list! :smiley:


  1. (Requires Download)
  2. (Requires Nothing [Signing-in Takes off the small watermark])
  3. (Requires Nothing [Also has NO watermark what so ever])
  4. (Has paid plans, but there is a Free-Plan)
  5. (Has Free Plan and Paid Plan) [Credit to @InScaneYT]
  6. (For Linux-based or BSD-based (including MacOS) OS and Windows) [Credit to @Blockzez]
  7. (Collaborative Image Software For Teams) [Credit to @ClockworkSquirrel]
  8. (There is A free plan, after that it is paid) [Credit to @ReturnedTrue]
  9. (Free, You can sign in to Save to The Cloud) [Credit to @Alphexus]
  10. (3D and 2D Image Editing) [Credit to @Tyntx]
  11. (Background Remover) [Credit to @FastAsFlash_Dev]

My Recommendations:

I would recommend starting with Kapwing. It’s easy to use and completely free. It requires no download because it is build into the website. there is a watermark, but it comes off whenever you sign in.

For people with a medium amount of experience, i would recommend Pixlr. Pixlr is a bit more complicated, but it gives a better result, while Kapwing is more of a quick edit type of thing. All of the Apps and Websites are good. Of course, for people with money to spend on this type of work, there is Adobe (

On top of that, All these sites can be mixed together to make amazing art, I would recommend mixing Kapwing with Pixlr. It makes a really good combo. Of course, Do anything you would like with these sites. It is your choice and these are just my recommendations.

Another recommendation is, use them all before choosing one over the other. Variety is one of the key aspects in choosing something. Especially if you are going to count on it to make all your Images. My favorite is Kapwing, but not everyone is going to be comfortable using that. It is more of a matter of personal opinionand there really isn’t a way to just say “This is the Best,”. People are going to disagree.

Post suggestions down below, I will credit people who do!

NOTE: I am not responsible for any misuse of these Apps/Websites. The only person who is responsible is the person who did it. I check all suggestions so no scams make it onto the list.

Thank You For Reading This DevForum Post, Hope It Helped you with your work, bye!

46 Likes is also a nice resource for an Online Photoshop…


Okay, I will give you credit and add that.

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This is very useful. Thank you.


No problem, I love helping out the community and I am glad you found this useful.

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This is very useful for my renders, thank you so much @AidanPlaysYT_Real your gonna become a great developer.


No problem, I am glad you found this Information useful. Have fun with your renders. I bet they look great!, its not photoshop but you can use some images and create logos for your game


GIMP is a good resource too, if you’re on Linux-based or BSD-based (including MacOS) OS.


Okay, I will add that to the list, Thanks!

Don’t forget about Figma! It’s an excellent web-based vector graphics software, almost as good as Adobe Illustrator. It’s free and comes with built-in collaborative editing and prototyping. They even have an app which you can use to test prototypes on your phone.


Okay, I will add that to. I never knew there were so many great software options for this stuff.

Also, could I just mention that GIMP is available for Windows too. @AidanPlaysYT_Real

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Alright, thanks. I will add that.

Adobe XD, which is great for making icons, is infact free on a Starter Plan.
I recommend you add it to this great list.


okay. i will add it to the list along with the others.

Gravit Designer is also amazing. You don’t have to sign up but if you choose to, you can save all your stuff in the cloud for free. Not to mention, some really cool tools.

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Okay, I will add it right now!

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@AidanPlaysYT_Real is an easy website to use.

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I haven’t used Canva, but you can get a year of Canva Pro for free using the Github Education pack. You just need to enter a school email address (and possibly upload school ID, but it’s usually automatic). There’s a huge bunch of other benefits too.